World-class Innovation For Height Adjustment Of Kitchens And Counters

The Danish actuator manufacturer launches an innovative world-class solution for electric height adjustment of kitchens and counters. The system allows a height adjustment of the furniture by means of the compact Baselift units placed in the base.

The market trend within the kitchen and retail business is centred around end-users focusing more and more on Ergonomics and Comfort – both at work and in their home lives. This trend has led to a demand for height adjustable solutions that does not compromise the aesthetic design.

The combination of the market trend, LINAK knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm for height adjustable solutions has led to development of the innovative world-class solution the Baselift system.

A solid start can make all the difference
Like any foundation; a solid start can make all the difference. The well-constructed Baselift system is multi-parallel and can run with up to 16 units. The Baselift system is able to adjust the kitchen with up to 100 mm, and it has a very compact design meaning that it can easily be integrated in the base without affecting the size of the cabinets. This also means that the system can be used without kitchen and counter manufacturers needing to adjust their current range.

At the Stockholm Furniture Fair in February 2014, LINAK showed the Baselift for the first time. The Baselift had been integrated in a kitchen designed by the Swedish/Danish architect Jens Enflo. He believes that LINAK has succeeded with their vision:

– The Baselift product itself has been thought in a way so it does not affect the design. It is present, and it works with the full freedom to design. As a designer, I can integrate the Baselift, without necessarily having to compromise and the Baselift has in no way restricted or made the design process any harder, he says.

Focus on ergonomics and comfort
Particularly the thought of seeing kitchens and retail counters as workstations on similar basis as height adjustable desks is one of the cornerstones of why LINAK introduces the Baselift solution:

– We spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and if the height is not fitted to the optimum work position for the user, it affects both the ergonomics and the comfort. We are constantly seeking to optimise the ergonomics and bring more movement into the everyday life, and I am convinced that our new Baselift system is a step in the right direction, says Henriette Lundquist, responsible for the LINAK DESKLINE segment in Denmark.

Jens Enflo also sees a real advantage in the Baselift system in terms of both ergonomics and comfort:

– The entire technique of the Baselift system fits the kitchen after the human and not vice versa, and that is a unique way of thinking in regard to kitchens. The advantage of the Baselift is that it gives the possibility of taking people’s different height into consideration, and consider the kitchen as the workstation it actually is.

A pro-environmental solution
LINAK has taken extra care to ensure that all components used in the Baselift are PVC-free, designed with the environment in mind. Part of the Baselift system is LINAK energy-saving control boxes where the standby energy consumption is only 0.1W per hour. LINAK green focus means that the environmental impact of the final product is constantly improved.

Facts on the Baselift System
The Baselift is a compact lifting unit with a built-in dimension of only 100mm. The adjustment range is also 100 mm, which is enough to fit most users in a stand-stand or sit-sit situation. The Baselift system is multi parallel with up to 16 units.

– Thrust 1500N
– Speed 14 mm/s
– Installation dimension 100 mm
– Stroke length 100 mm

Company Contact Information
Tove Villumsen
Smedevaenget 8
6430 Nordborg
+45 73 15 15 15

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