When love fades away

When love has become the past, suddenly host, and could not find jewelry the warmth and romantic before. Frowned, sadness also will be hidden in patches in the depths of the memory. Making a cup of tea, jasmine, silently in the past warm rain, like links of London rain dance, in a place among the clouds, gradually fades into light melancholy. Faint trace, jasmine tea in the sadness, flowers, and links of London Flip Flop 3-Flowers Charm such as, the white mist shrouded Brooks, lingering heart, lingering aftertaste. The corner, I love pious waiting. Your face is in the tender moonlight links of london in the icy water. Look at your eyes from the past; want to london links keep moving, powerless, only to lock the gloomy mood. Midnight, continuous yearning starts lighting, such as gorgeous fireworks as blossom. I started with links of London silver jewelry, and lonely, I began to become the most familiar complex. It is a long, deep shade of the dream has been opened in the wings, acacia, dancing, and indulges in a river, flowing along the dream dreams, flow away.
Through the flowers, seek the most beautiful flowers. Perhaps, she is not lingering in the past, also don’t want to revisit the genial and moved. She secretly covers his face, links of London heart disc charm and began to convergence. She didn’t want to let me see her eyes of tears. She wanted to send beautiful heart, always sprinkled in your memory in the open, and not wither. In front of the dream has been covered by flowers, but the flower is the most beautiful that one? Maybe, I can find, perhaps, links of London Cocktail Glass with Cherry links of london charm Charm; you can find the most beautiful flowers. Night, desolate, silently, she is still in carding thoughts in the dim lights flickered.Lights dim, faint in the shade of a watchman, roll wind rose petals fall in love, the sweet intoxicate the sky, links of London sweetie bracelet lets you taste love, gradually, the thoughts that are covered with red my first vision. I want free birds in the sky, to links of london UK leave, because I love the warm and sweet past. When the flowers have already become hermit-like proto-ecstatic lived, past events. For a reason, links london sugar cane ring, a love story, with poetry writing out in the evening, after the rain, wet, drippy, falling down a land amorous feelings, a sincerity. Don’t the flowers, but the mirror, I pious in prayer before the gods, however, happiness is from my side. I want to keep the truth firmly throbbing, actually, all in the tender fingers and leave no warmth; links London watch maybe just to keep the past. If the waiting can return to you, I am links of london jewelry willing to wait for a host. Wait for your host a smile. Perhaps only in the lonely, you only remember me, maybe you have forgotten me, May I wait just futile. Disappointed, remnants of petals in the wandering around the aspiration gradually washed away, without links of London sweetie bracelet, leaving a heap of water loss and regret.You walked more walk more far, gradually disappear in the evening. However, the gentle and pure is whirly in my heart, carrying the intoxicating trace. When love links of london earrings is gone, feeling already past. Suddenly look back, in lights dim, never see your shadow, I only regret, sucking the dream away. Maybe this is a true love; links charms, maybe this is a late repentance. I seem to hear you bubbling laughter, and mountains answers, interweave beautiful links of london ring scenery. Cold, I write down a fall in love, the proverbs: flowers bloom all, flowers bloom all tears.

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