What Is the Latest Global Trend in Lighting Industry?

The latest global trend in lighting industry is to go green. The latest technology infused energy saving led bulbs and led tube lights are to replace CFL lights.

The lighting industry is undergoing an evolution in 2014. The latest global trend in lighting industry is to go green. The latest technology infused energy saving led bulbs and led tube lights are to replace CFL lights. ECVV has introduced a wide range of Led Bulbs and Tube Lights for its valued customers.

The rise of green energy is having an increasing impact all over the world. Conservation of energy is widely discussed issue for years. Good chunk of power could be conserved if the energy consuming pattern in the domestic and industrial section is revamped. The final answer, at least for the time being is available in the form of Led Bulb light (http://www.ecvv.com/product_directory/led-bulb-light.html) and LED Tube Light, which can save considerable amount of energy and lessen the electricity bill charges. The LED lighting uses the Light Emitting Diode technology in a commercial application design to produce the required strength of light to illuminate a designated area. The LED system previously was used on display panel has finds its way to illumination field. ECVV has more than 17,892 different types of LED bulb products and 6, 470 Led Tube Light products in their product list to select from. ECVV is the only leading online B2B Company that offers such a huge product brands and product varieties.

The use of LED lighting is the fitting answer to conservation of energy. Lot of energy could be saved by using Led lights and Led tubes that will directly reduce the burden of paying heavy energy bills. The saved energy could be used for industrial purpose. Ever since the market was abuzz with the introduction of Led Bulbs and Tubes, ECVV started its efforts to sell these products through their online service. It would be quiet amusing to hear from the CEO of ECVV Mr. Steven Chen has to say about their Led bulb and Led Tube endurance. He said, "Initially, we were skeptical the kind of impact the Led Bulbs and Led Tubes may create in the market. But I have visualized how the Led Technology is going to shape up the energy sector. We put aggressive marketing efforts by introducing the best manufactures in our B2B portal and also introduced quality guarantee schemes. The quality guarantee scheme helped us to win the heart of our valued customers". This was a candid statement by Mr. Steven Chen when he stated his concerns and how he could win the confidence of his customers. It is always important in the marketing sector to win the confidence of consumers, whenever something new is introduced in the market. Today ECVV is offering 24,362 different types of LED Bulb and LED Tubes through their online portal.

The global lighting industry will be dominated by LED Bulbs and LED Tubes in the coming years. These products are really all set to challenge the comfortable position enjoyed by CFL bulbs. The Light Emitting Diode, synonymously called as LED was being used as a display or indicating light device in the instrument panels and display products. Improvement of research and technology found the quality of LED lights in terms of energy saving and converted the technology in a commercially usable illumination alternative to CFL and conventional bulbs and fluorescent tube light.

To go green is to replace the traditional lighting solutions with the eco-friendly ones. The technology used to produce Led Bulb and LED Tubes are environment friendly, high energy efficient than any of the lighting products available in the market. Previously CFL was considered as an effective alternative to ordinary bulbs and fluorescent tubes. The mercury content in the CFL was a burning issue and lots of researches were on to reduce the mercury emission from CFL.

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