Introduces New Wedding Cake Designs

There are constantly new designs that are being created for wedding cakes. These designs can range from bright and crazy colors to the way the cake itself is made.

The newest cake designs feature unique ways for the couple to convey themselves on their special day. Today, the designs are taking a surprising trend and are moving away from the more traditional wedding cake designs to creative and unique cakes. The newest designs present in today’s wedding genre feature layered, puffy, and fluffy looks; an increase in groom’s cakes; an increase in the use of cupcakes; themed toppers; and the use of monograms.

Monograms and themed cake toppers are among the most popular new designs at the current time. This could be because these decorations and designs allow the couple to demonstrate their individuality while embracing a style that shows them as a united couple. While these styles are increasing in popularity, it does not mean that the conventional designs will be going out of style. There will always be a demand for the traditional aspects of the wedding cake design.

These new trends in the designs and layouts may help wedding planners and designers predict the future demand of not only the cake business, but the entire wedding industry as well. As couples are seeking ways to make their day special and memorable, the cake for the wedding is becoming the perfect accessory to accomplishing this task. By designing stylish, festive, and fun cakes that are unique to a particular couple, the standard for future cakes is slowly evolving into something that requires more creativity and artwork than ever before.

Wedding designs for the cakes are becoming more fun, using a larger amount of brighter colors, adopting themes, and are being customized to fit the personalities of the bride and groom. "We had a customer ask for navy blue decoration on a silver fondant cake," said Manette Roxas Individuals are stepping away from the past traditions and are creating their own traditions by having fun selecting their cake.

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