Want to Get Attention for Your Business? Using Print Is Still the Way to Go

Even in this age of the Internet, print products are still crucial for branding, marketing and sales purposes.

Print continues to be a proven and effective marketing and branding tool. That is the message of a new infographic from Superior Resource Printing & Graphics, a print shop in NY.

The infographic, "Transforming Your Business With Print," highlights the ways that leaflets, posters and other print products retain their powerful influence on consumers even in an age of technology.

The rise of the Internet and the various forms of social media has led many marketers to anticipate the death of print. But the infographic reminds us that print has been around for 5,000 years and remains a timeless method for a business to grow its customer base.

The infographic displays informative and sometimes surprising statistics that illustrate the continuing power of print. For example:

– Leaflets, flyers and other print products promoting companies are still crucial to get people through the door, generating 39% of new customers.

– Sixty-seven percent of shoppers get sales and product information from direct mail promotions sent to them, while 69% of the shoppers get that information from newspapers.

– Business cards are still used frequently, and remain a powerful tool of generating business. Twenty-eight million business cards are printed daily. For every 2,000 cards, sales rise 2.5%.

– Non-profit companies generate 78% of their donations via direct mail pleas.

The "Transforming Your Business With Print" infographic references numerous ways that print maintains a strong presence in our everyday lives, from window treatments to van wraps. Businesses continue to employ print in promotional products such as tote bags and mouse pads to extend branding. And having promotional print materials that customers can see, touch and really connect with can result in proven results, including increased sales and brand awareness.

As the infographic sums it up, "printed media lives, breathes, sells – and it’s here to stay."

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