Tragic Real Life Donald Sterling Type Event Not Recorded, But with Four Years Documented Evidence

New Book Release by author Sandra Black: Entitled, Mother Enslaved: Ultimate Betrayal hits major book stores soon through Ingram distributors. The author tells her story of race and disability discrimination that leaves her elderly mother a victim.

Available Now: kindle publishing and www.mother

Mother Enslaved: Ultimate Betrayal was inspired by true life events where the matriarch of a family is turned over to the powers that be and is cruelly isolated from all who were MOST important to her. It is a court documentary with actual court documents to show how the court outright refused to investigate the family dynamics leaving the matriarch prey to one family member, her son. The matriarch is locked out of her TRUE family relations due to her son’s abusive cruel behaviors which no sane individual can tolerate. This book chocked full of treachery, suffering, and destruction of a family is an interesting read and gives great insight on:

How discrimination is easily overlooked by the media and agencies unless it is caught on video or recorded as in the infamous Clipper’s owner Donald Sterling scandal

Modern Court Litigation and how it can destroy our society (Why should judges be exempt from prosecution if they KNOWINGLY refuse evidence and witnesses in a malicious attempt to cover up wrongly rendered decisions?)

How Courts can Manipulate their Reporting for their own agenda, NOT TRUTH

How Dementia/Alzheimer’s Destroys the Family

Discrimination and the Ramifications of its Long Suffering Effects

How an Individual Narrowly Escapes Becoming a Mass Shooter

How Mass Shooters Can Be Created by Society

Invite Sandra Black the author who has been an excellent guest on numerous radio shows to share her story. Many radio show hosts often invite her back due to her stunning presentation and information geared to help the audience understand both social issues and life issues in general. She’s takes questions, successfully handling life’s most difficult questions impromptu. For example, why does God allow good people to suffer? Why should anyone care about the next person’s hardship when we are dealing with our own issues? How can discrimination be proven without concrete facts such as a recording?

She has been a spiritual leader and teacher both nationally and abroad for twenty years. As the author of the controversial 400 page book entitled "Ultimate Deceit of the Human Race: The Ezzrath Theory" Sandra Black under her pen Ezzrath Bhat Shem went under great fire and scrutiny from pastors to laymen who could not intelligently refute her presentation and discovery of truth regarding the Bible, Science, History, and Spirituality. She offered a 10,000 dollar reward to anyone who could prove her theory wrong. While conducting book signings in Chicago, IL, Pastors were quoted as having said no one can prove it wrong. Even Farrakhan’s men attended the event in all black suits and bow ties to report back to their leader the speech and lecture of Sandra Black/Ezzrath Baht Shem..

She hosted her own show on WALE Radio out of Rhode Island. She’s been invited back as many as three times to the same show on Radio. To name a few she has guest appeared on:

WHAT Radio on the Mary Mason show "You tell Oprah, Mary Mason says you haven’t got the guts." in Philadelphia, PA, 1340 AM

CKTB Radio on the Rob McConnell show in Ontario, Canada 610 AM

on the Elvis and J. V. show in San Francisco, CA 94.9 FM

WJBC Radio on the Ken Behrens show "one gutsy lady" in Bloomington, Indiana 1230 AM

WSRF Radio on the Jean and Ms. Ivy show in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

KOA Radio on the Rick Barber show in Denver CO, 850 AM

Radio for the World with DJ Deon the Director and many others.

Mother Enslaved: Ultimate Betrayal, is a real life living nightmare of a never ending plight about a daughter’s struggle to bring quality life to her mother once dementia robs the family of all normalcy. Not only does dementia grossly destroy the family, but the greedy, selfish, and predators pack together like hyena to prey intending to devour and consume all till absolutely nothing remains. If that’s not enough pain and treachery for this family the ultimate betrayal of all that is civilized takes place. As a last resort, the courts are brought in and refuse to investigate the dynamics of this family. Judges bestowed with the power of the State of Indiana leave the matriarch to the vultures. The ruthless treachery is all included in actual documentation of court proceedings and evidence available to the courts spitefully ignored. You will witness the most unbelievable, nonsensical and uncaring display of Pro Se (perhaps largest) litigation ever in modern family court history.

Sandra Black is currently accepting interviews and TV appearances she is very concerned that her mother’s story reaches the nation to help inform others as well as save her mother from abuse.

Company Contact Information
Spiritual Resources Inc.
Sandra Black
312 West 16th Street
Marion, Indiana

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Original Source: Tragic Real Life Donald Sterling Type Event Not Recorded, But with Four Years Documented Evidence

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