The Nobel Name Up for Grabs!

The world-famous name, stongly connected with philantrophy and science, has recently been a matter of dispute between the Nobel Family, a member of the said family and a rather suspect offshore-based business-entity.

Indeed, according to our information, the problem arouse when one less scrupulous member of the well-known family registered the brand-name Nobel Oil and sold it to the offshore-company with the same name without approval of the family. The name Nobel Oil which is an abbreviation for the word Branobel or Nobel Brothers Oil Company, was given to the company established in 1879 by Ludvig Nobel (the brother of the famous Nobel Prizes) in Russia and Azerbaijan.

The company which became the second largest oil-company in the world and the only socially, vertically integrated for the time, was an example of efficiency, innovations, charity and success in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.

The Russian revolution ended this activity and ruined this prosperous empire and the Nobel family returned to Sweden having lost all of their assets, as of today the family consist of nine branches (in total close to 400 members) which together form the Nobel Family Association whose purpose is to unite the family and to protect the name!

So far, the family who’s working hand in hand with the Nobel Foundation in Stockholm, has done a pretty good job in keeping the name clear and with integrity. But when the almighty dollar made its entrance, the integrity went out the back-door.

Indeed, on stage came a business-entity (which morals, according to our sources, can be legitimately questioned) called Nobel Oil and incorporated on the tiny island of Nevis in the Caribbean. This actor first made its appearance in Azerbaijan in 2005 as a service oil and gas-company, then developed into an upstream-company, the questions as to this entity are numerous…for example, how did they receive without a tender, 20% in the giant gas field U mid on the Caspian Sea without any recorded experience or any kind of record and furthermore…what was the origin of the funds for this deal to come through?

Nobel Oil now controls two leading telecommunication-companies (here neither it’s not clear how they managed this masterstroke without recorded past activity,) goldmines, cement-factories etc. In order to obtain recognition, they quite recently tried to invite a former British Foreign Minister as well as the former US-Ambassador in Azerbaijan to join their board of directors, after checking the company both rejected the offer. Furthermore, over the years Nobel Oil tried to establish partnerships with leading oil-companies such as Conoco-Philipps, BP and Exxon Mobile…all three rejected the offers due to the non-transparency of the company as well as non-proof of the origin of funds.

What’s even more frightening is the insider-information coming from employees within the company, according to the said sources the employees are promised huge salaries which after two-three months are heavily reduced by close to 50%, all in complete contradiction with common union-rules.

The latest attempt to obtain legitimacy was to offer a member of the Nobel family a very lucrative position within the company as member of the executive board, presided by Peter O’Brien who used to work with Igor Sechin in Russian Oil and who is currently blacklisted by EU and the US, as well as other advantages in order for him to register the name Nobel Oil and then to transfer the name to the entity which he did.

Considering the above, the family became quite alarmed and tried by peaceful means to negotiate with the company in order to reclaim the precious name…not to prevail, the company refused and stated that the transfer was perfectly legal.

Legal? The transfer may have been legal even though we’re asking ourselves how such a name can be registered by the Swedish Patent and Registration-office in favor of one man when it belongs to 400 people? Legal may be, but what about morals, integrity, unity and historical values? The Chairman of the Nobel Family Society made their stand-point very clear in stating: To register and to transfer the name, as has been done by a member of our family, is violating our ethical guidelines and is therefor in no way acceptable.

A multi-million dollar and world-known name belonging to some shadow-entity? A name famous for the benefit to mankind, transferred by the lowest of all human instincts, namely greed? In accordance with most laws, you can not sell what does not belong to you…the Nobel name is not a "one-man’s possession" It’s a legacy that belongs to the family. Sweden, the entire world and mankind, and it should not be soiled!

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