the card private’s horse and LCC/Decker company merger set set up new company

according to report. Note Su machine(vibram five fingers) two big well-known business enterprise card private’s horses(Gusmer) in the market and LCC/Decker to declare recently that the merger set sets up new company.The new company will reserve respectively original technique support kimono duty. Strongly develop top-class diagraph instrument in this foundation full general equipments.

And used for gathering ammonia ester and other mixture production to process for several cents of hybrid head equipments.Along with RIM in the world applied technique of continuously expand. Is two above-mentioned the merger of the well-known company. Make RIM become clear more for industrial future.

Though the PS and ABS price remains a fall. The styrene price still keeps rising USD 15/ton.The industry insider feels to lack an explicit direction.Currently circumstance but talk. On the other hand Chinese consumer lacks a field to cause each store careful to set up Cang;On the other hand the styrene extremely compress of profits space but talk. Someone feels that the market has already had no much space of dropping.Now. The industry insider extremely pays attention to American pure benzene August the talks of the goods.On that day. Respectively there are any time goods in USD 1030/ton FOB Korea and in August in September under, in September up the goods clinch a deal in USD 1030/ton CFR China.Slightly and late. Have August descend, in September up the goods clinch a deal in USD 1033/ton CFR China.

Trade for 2 in China;Moreover the rumours have already clinched a deal as well in USD 1030, 1035/ton.Downstream. This week GPPS falls USD 25/ton. The goods report dish bargains in USD 1150, 1120/ton CFR China/Hong Kong in August;The ABS price is in USD 1430/ton. Fall USD 15/ton. Don’t include terminal terminal charge.Local market:Each store feels fan Mang to the empress city.The closing price of Zhang Jia Gang market is about 10100 dollars/ton. The rumours have already had clinching a deal of 9950 dollars/ton;China south the market is more confusion. Price in the market is in 10200-10300 dollars/ton. Send to price.

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