The Auto Sun Glare Eliminator

The Auto Sun Glare Eliminator improves sun and glare protection from any angle, day or night

Driving and glare from the sun, or other light sources, can be a deadly combination. The glare can blind one from seeing traffic signals, oncoming vehicles, and pedestrians. A way to protect against sun glare while driving is The Auto Sun Glare Eliminator. A line of attachable shields, The Auto Sun Glare Eliminator, is specially designed for use with or without existing automobile sun visors. The line offers improved sun and glare protection from any angle, at any time of day or night, while enabling drivers to clearly see the road while driving. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating exceptionally strong consumer interest in the Auto Sun Glare Eliminator.

Patented, The Auto Sun Glare Eliminator was invented by Aliaksandr Tuikin of Bensalem, PA, who said, "The Auto Sun Glare Eliminator consists of two parts; one part is for the side windows and the other is for the windshield of a vehicle. The two parts can be used independently from each other. For the side sections, The Auto Sun Glare Eliminator has a swivel-mounted, ball-and cup attached clip for use in securing the unit to the existing driver or passenger roof, just above the window. It is integrally attached to a tubular column configured as a telescoping axis and is able to extend to the desired length to facilitate optimal positioning. At the top of this telescoping axis is the shade itself, a rectangular piece of filtered, shatter-proof plastic. The part of the Auto Sun Glare Eliminator for the windshield is easily mounted on the windshield with suction cups. The Auto Sun Glare Eliminator can be mounted on the driver’s side as well as on the passenger’s side."

The inventor added, "Appropriately sized and configured for the various makes and models of cars, vans, and trucks on the market, The Auto Sun Glare Eliminator can be tinted in a variety of eye-catching colors to match a vehicle’s interior, as well as in a host of neutral hues. It can be offered as an after-market product or can be included as an upgrade in newly manufactured automobiles."

EDITOR’S NOTE: Development of this product is being handled by Invents Company. For more information about licensing or sale, contact the Licensing Department at Invents Company, 450 7th Avenue, Suite #1107 New York, NY 10123. Tel: 212-620-2629

INVENTS Company – 450 7th Avenue, Suite #1107 – New York, NY 10123

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The Invents Company
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