The aniline abroad produce with market

aniline production in the world and development present following trend in recent years. One is mainly a large world aniline to equip to produce company’s control from MDI. The aniline expands to produce all and contact the MDl item together;Two is because of world MDI need growth quick. Lately set up a benefit extension aniline to equip to obviously speed. Produced ability to compare to increase in 2000 in 200348. Year all the growth lead over 14. Present rapid growth situation. Add production ability to attain 770,000 ts/as just in 2003;Three is an Asian region particularly is China and Middle East region to produce ability increment fast fierce. The 2003 the middle of the years country has already replaced Japan to become Asian productivity’s biggest nation. The large device that mainly is accompanying with large MDI device to constuct a beautiful kit to set up to have no;Four is compare other organic raw materials. The aniline produces a craft technique to make progress not and greatly.

Produce a craft gradually and Be tended to the nitric radicle benzene spirit mutually catalyst hydrogenation. Being new the production craft economy isn’t enough. consequently in the future very long time inside can not with nitric radicle benzene spirit mutually the catalyst hydrogenation compete.Because global market in MDI is continuously optimistic about. Therefore still abroad some companies plan to lately set up or extend scale to turn aniline production device. The year of the son in the future plan the item Huang of construction. The Karoon of Middle East petrochemical company plans in Iran to constuct the aniline device of ten thousand ts/as of a set of 3 Os in 2004;The east Cao company at together this south sun the aniline device of 150,000 ts/as will be finished in March, 2005. Draw up to adopt a Chuan Czech BorsodChemMCHZ company technique;Germany does obeisance ear companies to plan to extend it to equip in the production of Belgian Antwerp. Plan will existing 15.40,000 ts/as increase into 250,000 ts/as. Anticipate to complete in 2006:Czech BorsodChemMCHZ company plan will it existing l 0.50,000 ts/as production the device extend to 150,000 tas. Anticipate to expect to complete for 2005 the middle of the years. Add yield mainly and used for rubber to defend an old in the center the production of body;Expect Si man and Heng Man company for the 1 G of the Cao Jing in Shanghai, China industrial area ten thousand ts/aMDs 1 equip a kit to constuct 150,000 ts/as anilines to equip. Anticipate 2005 the four seasons degree the hurl produce.

The words that as above say to plan to carry out on schedule.the aniline of 2006 world always produce ability to attain 4,600,000 ts/as.The consumption of aniline in the world measures to about 2,900,000 ts in 2003 or so. Among them, the United States, Western Europe and Japan eliminate to around have total consumption quantity of 75%. Consume a proportion to the order of~IDI has 8 Os, rubber to help to have around 89. 6, dye pigment and agrochemical to have around 4, other aspects is 8.Age in 20th century last phase go to 2 l the beginning of century world MDl need the growth is quick. 1997-2002 world MDI need year all the growth rate attain 9%. Therefore 1999-the 2001’s period’s international aniline market supply is placed in more nervous situation. Though many anilines production the business enterprise enlargement produce burden. Still can not satisfy a market to increase a need day by day.consequently 2001-2003 year, the world lately sets up or extends several aniline productions device. Such as the pottery surname chemistry, BASF company and Heng Man/ICl and rupee be willing to the company lately set up with extension equip on schedule hurl produce. Equip to throw postnatal period. World in 2003 the aniline supply and demand is basic balance.

The United States is the nation that aniline in the world consumes biggest quantity. Consume quantity to have total consumption to measure around 3 Os%. 1997~2003 need year all the growth lead to 5 or so. 2000 one 2001 year ago the United States needs to import a certain amount aniline to satisfy a local need. Start exit for 2002-2003 years. But don’t greatly export quantity. Anticipate 2010 according to the SRI company aniline need in North America year all the growth lead is about 4-5.Western Europe region is world’s biggest aniline to consume a region currently. 1997 a 2003 need year all the growth lead to 6. In recent years the ability, yield and amount of consumption all present rapid ascension power head. Because many suits place construction. Western Europe will become the aniline in future to mainly output a region. Export to go to mainly is Eastern Europe and Asia region. Anticipate 2010 aniline in year ago Western Europe year all the need rate will attain 4.3%.Take a comprehensive view of aniline consumption in the world and need. The United States, Western Europe and Japan etc. nation and region get into to stabilize a development stage. The Eastern Europe region will also keep an opposite stability growth situation in the future. The Eastern Europe aniline growth mainly useds for rubber to help and medicine production. But investment and consumption of sum will mainly concentrate in Middle East and far east region. Is particularly China, India and some nations in Middle East to become an aniline need to increase most quickly nation and region.

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