Successful Education Solutions Announces College Planning Software to Help Students Plan for Admission

Part 6 of the SES 10-step Guide discusses the different features of the ENGUS Program to allow students and their families to lay out their plans for college education.

Even with ample knowledge on the right strategies to take for a successful entry and journey through college, students often face the daunting task of considering the many steps to take and see the big picture. In an aim to help students in this aspect, Successful Education Solutions, a college planning and assistance service, talks about getting all college plans organized through the ENGUS College Planning System.

"It all seems daunting at first," said Jeffrey Sonnergren of SES. "But as a process or a project, if you take one step and of course build the foundation before you build the first floor, the things work out just fine."

SES was founded and is currently headed by Sonnergren, who developed a 10-step Student Positioning Guide for planning process.

When asked in a Teleconference Series Talk, Sonnergren said, "Members can familiarize themselves to the ENGUS system. It provides step-by-step instructions on the path forward."

According to Sonnergren, the helpful college planning divided into parts to help organize the planning, preparing and organizing the tasks associated with the college planning process.

ENGUS provides an extensive yet systematic order as the program progresses, including Student Positioning Program and Consultation, Positioning, Awards Analysis, with the Due Dates icons and tools, which all serve specific purposes throughout the process.

"The ENGUS system has two counselors, namely the First Level Service Center Consultant who is knowledgeable and will take care of members in exploring the application; and the Senior Consultant or the actual counselor for Student Positioning Program. Student Positioners, the counselors themselves, are obviously a little higher level of counselors, but the First Level Consultants can answer a multitude of member’s questions," he said.

"The central location of ENGUS is the Coach’s Corner, which offers the big picture with the Gantt chart, a flow chart that essentially features the major steps over the calendar year timeline in an ideal situation. The Gantt Chart comprises of 24 major steps detailing, among other things, how college visitation and college application should be done." said Sonnergren.

The Timeline feature consists of 62 steps for detailing the tasks that need to be done and when they should be done in a structured and in chronological order. The Email Campaign takes each of these 62 steps and divides them into what needs to be done per month. The ideal date to start is September of Junior Year.

Developed with a support structure, ENGUS is also a site that redirects members to 104 links for Student Resources, including Study Guide, Career Guide, SAT/ACT Guides for College Essay Prep, College Selection, Scholarship Guides, Athletic Guides and Admissions Guides.

To find out more about the ENGUS Program for a comprehensive outline of college planning to-dos and schedules, please visit for information.

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