Study Shows House Prices Skyrocket After Professional Home Improvements

Homeowners are starting to show some of the greatest return on their investments by spending pennies on the dollar value they obtain, and having professional custom home improvements done on their homes.

Up until seven years ago, it would be all but impossible to convince anyone that there was a better investment than real estate. The housing bubble bursting hurt a lot of people, especially in the greater Phoenix area, but as the economy has recovered, home resale values are climbing at a rate that experts say is both unprecedented and safe. The value of these older homes is even exceeding that of the new construction that has begun. The reason that this is happening is because of the custom remodeling people are having done on their homes, improving their living situation at a fraction of what it would cost to move.

"People who have weathered the economic crisis are eager to prove their resiliency," one housing expert said after reading recent reports. "In years past, people would celebrate their increasing equity by moving into a newer home. Now, however, we are seeing people who are proud of the house that they have been living in, and instead, want to make it a showpiece. Instead of spending more than they need to on purchasing a new home, they are spending only a portion of that cost on kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling. These small home improvements, in turn, raise the value of their home and property by a factor of ten as compared to what they spent."

One of the leading professional companies that specialize in experienced custom remodeling jobs is Moon Valley Floors, owned by Terry Bowland. His company is constantly mentioned as the leader when it comes to home improvements of all sorts, and the responses to customer surveys continually praise the professionalism and fair pricing. When asked about what made his company so successful Mr. Bowland apologized for not having time to talk and said, "I let my work and my customers speak for themselves," before heading out to his next job.

Home ownership is one of the American benchmarks for success, and now that the economy is recovering, people are taking more pride than ever in their homes. Spending the time to have custom remodeling home improvements done helps to show off the pride, and it doesn’t hurt that these remodels also help boost their bottom line as well.

Jack Terry is a well-known writer and blogger who writes extensively for and about home improvement.

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