Slyde Handboards Brings Surfing To The Masses With The Help Of Kickstarter

In an effort to make surfing accessible for everyone, Slyde Handboards, a Southern California surf brand, launches an "aggressive" $21,000, 21-day Kickstarter campaign.

"We’re here to revolutionize the way people experience the ocean. Not everyone has the time, talent or money to invest in traditional surfing. Slyde handboards allow anyone to experience the thrill of riding a wave within minutes," says Steve Watts, founder of Slyde.

An industrial designer and avid surfer himself, Steve Watts, spent years traveling the world looking for great waves and inspiration for design, engineering, and play.

Through Steve’s personal experiences and travels, the product development of a handboard evolved, from a fast food tray into a business.

A handboard (also known as a handplane) is a watertoy, "innovatively" crafted to amplify the bodysurfing experience.

In 2010, Slyde Handboards introduced their first shape, the Slyde Wedge Woody. In 2014, Slyde exclusively brought the Slyde Phish to the Kickstarter community.
As the tag line suggests, "The Slyde Phish will get you hooked on handboarding."

The Slyde Phish is 18.5 inches in length and 8.5 inches in width with a 3mm-sourced veneer skin. The Phish has an expanded polystyrene core for added buoyancy and lift, and weighs in at approximately 460 grams. Design enhancements include, a high-density leash plug insert and a hand strap that will "never come out".

The Slyde Phish is a compact watercraft designed to travel light.

"This is the best thing I’ve purchased in many years, I’m spending more time in the water than ever before with my 8 year old son who is so stoked seeing his old man getting shacked!!! Problem is now is him say’in, can I have a go dad! I love my Slyde." said Wayne Bird, a customer of Slyde’s first model, the Woody Wedge.

The Slyde Phish Kickstarter campaign began on June 25th 2014, and will conclude July 16th 2014. Slyde offers a variety of rewards for its backers starting at $5. A minimum pledge of $149 allows backers to pre-order the Phish Board. The $21,000 in funding from the Kickstarter pledges will pay for costs associated with the Phish Board, including: molds, tools, materials and labor.

The campaign launched 72 hours ago and has generated $3,507 with 24 individual supports. Slyde now has 19 days remaining to reach its $21,000 funding goal. Kickstarter campaigns are only given funding if entire goal is met.

Slyde Handboards are offering exclusive in person Phish board demos, photos and interview opportunities for members of the press.

Company Contact Information
Slyde Handboards
Angela Ferendo
517 Ocean Front Walk #3
Venice, CA

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