Sell Or Purchase Any Service Imaginable Using Live Services is a new social media website that empowers it’s users by encouraging them to create and build FREE businesses, and sell any service anywhere at any time. Tymeblock provides an alternative to the status quo. was developed in July, 2012 by Bryan Dixon and Rafael E. Soto. was inspired by their plight of unemployment, and need for income. Bryan Dixon – Vice President/C.O.O. and founder was quoted saying the following "I had recently been laid off from my job, and I was seeking ways to earn money instantly online. I decided to search the internet to find websites that would allow me to earn money instantly. During my search I found a lot of work from home websites that were whack. The websites that I found took 2 weeks + to get started with, or cost money to use. I thought to myself people should be able to sell their skills to online to everyone, not just their employers. So Rafael and I decided to create a social media network that empowers users by creating a social media network that allows users to create and build free businesses, sell and/ or purchase any imaginable live services using’s video conferencing, file sharing, and a novel social media platform." is a free live social media website that gives users the ability to sell their skills in the form of live services, and / or hire skilled professional service providers online via live video/audio conferencing, and file sharing. Rafael CEO/ President was quoted saying the following about "The world has millions of skilled people who are sitting at home right now, in a global economy that can’t produce the full time jobs that they’re accustomed to having. However, those people still have many valuable skills and abilities that are needed every day, just on a smaller temporary scale. There are a multitude of skills that we all have, in which someone is in need of at this very moment. Thanks to the internet and modern day technology, has been able to develop a Live Social Media Market using a Social Media Platform, original functions, and original processes that empower users to earn income, hire services at competitive process, and start building a business’s instantly." gives users three ways to sell and / or purchase live services from other TYMEBLOCK.COM users, and the three ways are: projects/ jobs for bid, instant services, and schedule and reschedule services. TYMEBLOCK.COM gives businesses and consumers the ability to hold a 5 minute live video pre-conference before any services are purchased to ensure that both parties understand and agree to the conditions of the services being offered. TYMEBLOCK.COM service providers are paid instantly. All money earned except for 6% (The 6% fee is a 3% fee to PayPal and a 3% fee to TYMEBLOCK.COM) is automatically deposited into the service providers PayPal account immediately. is an ideal tool to use if you’re interested in accomplishing the following: Hiring long term or temporary employees for your business, expanding an existing business, starting a free business, earn extra income, build clientele, network, and connect with family and friends. gives service providers the ability to Get Paid Immediately!! does not hold your money, but rather the moment the buyer makes the payment, the money is deposited directly into your PayPal account and is available for your immediate use. will notify both the buyer and the seller that their payment was successful. All user are required to have a PayPal account, Internet Service, Web Camera, and Flash Player. provides a social media based job market to join those seeking live services, with skilled proven professionals in a vast array of career fields. users aren’t selling a product for, but rather selling any service that they can imagine! Once you sign up you will be directed to your personal profile page. Once your profile is created you MUST create a conference room. Conference rooms are required to enter any conferences. Once your conference room is created you’ll be able to do the following:

Create Service Cards on Service Profile to sell your skills.
Upload Pictures, Documents, Files, Presentations, Slideshows, etc…
Share the latest news, videos, music. Create Blogs. Establish Groups (Separated by "Personal" or "Service" Associates), and Create Events. Schedule Live Video conference meetings…and much more!!!

Here’s a few examples of services that can be performed / or purchased on www.

Data Entry Jobs
Clerical & Admin Jobs
Executive Work at Home Jobs
Transcription & Code Work
Typing & Writing Work
Design & Web Development Jobs
Tutors (Math, Language, Web Development, and many more)
Music Lesson Instructor
Entry-Level Home Office Jobs
Virtual Receptionist
Legal Advisers
Graphic Designers
Web Developers
SEO Specialist
App Developers
Fitness Instructors
Virtual Project Managers
Music Composers/ Producers
Virtual Therapist
Do It Yourself experts
Business Tutors …and many more.

Company Contact Information
Bryan Dixon & Rafael E.Soto
(202 ) 241 2413

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