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As the new century, the rapid increase in Internet information and e-commerce development, enterprise information systems are increasingly occupy the dominant position of competitive advantage. Massive growth of data, to enable enterprises to become more than ever dependent on the data. The S10-101 data relates to computer storage company to profit, the relationship between survival and development of enterprises. Protection of data security, data backup storage applications in the enterprise even more highlighted in the position occupied. Can be said that business demand for data storage and backup has never been great today. According to IDC forecasts demand for storage in 2003 will account for 50% of the entire IT requirements, while the Chinese market, sales of storage products can reach 30.5 billion. Network Storage is moving from the location of the computer system peripherals, to the corporate center stage.

“Third wave of digital technology”

Network storage industry has become the IT industry development trend of digital technology. Benefited from the enterprise storage market and the growth of various types of institutions growing information security requirements. Currently, storage is not only independent from the server self-contained, but even so the network structure and function. It S10-101 was the network storage as a “third wave of digital technology”, network storage has become the darling of the IT market. “Millennium bug”, “CIH” virus of the global IT was a great loss of data, global enterprises have the data storage technology as a key investment. “9.11” terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center destruction of thousands of data, but because many financial companies to set up a remote disaster center, offering 7 * 24 hours of backup services, so even in New York and Washington were the primary data center to destroy, the backup center was not affected. Data to customer data security. 9.11 events so that more businesses realize the significance of network storage. American Enterprise Storage Group senior analyst Steve Kenniston said: “The security of data protection and storage of critical business information quickly has become an important strategy of major companies worldwide. Based on a true database configuration significantly reduce backup and recovery time, will make businesses that require high availability data benefit. ”

Technical Guidance Network Storage Battle

Testinside IT systems are being gradually stored in the core of the advance of digital technology to enable enterprises to dramatically increase the demand for storage, which naturally also to the storage device manufacturers to bring great business opportunities and challenges. International giants HP, IBM, EMC, Hitachi and Sun, have increased investment, from the introduction of new products one by one, to provide comprehensive storage solutions, they all want to be a new round of competition in the storage market leader. In the crowded back of the storage market, we see a standard battle of the war, their fight is actually a technical fight. Who holds the most advanced storage technology, and who most users and the technical needs of the times, grasps the initiative in competition. Can be said that technology is the key to development and expansion of storage manufacturers. However, in many storage companies, there are many different characteristics of the storage technologies and products active in the market, to organically combine these products together, constitute the user expectations of network storage systems, interoperability is the first to be solved problem solving is the ideal way to establish an open industry standard.

SNIA, the world’s most authoritative standards body

Standard of competition has always been the center of IT industry, there is a popular thing: who has mastered the standard, grasps the future. In storage, the standard is worse than in other areas than disputes. Based on the status of the world warlords disputes around the world, the initiative of 300 companies set up storage standard established for the mission integrated communication technology storage industry bodies – SNIA, which is the only global recognized standards can be established in the storage area and provide education and services of professional institutions. SNIA members share a common goal: that is to adjust and coordinate the development of the industry, through the IT organization to ensure that the storage network can become efficient, complete and trusted solutions. To this end,SNIA Certification is committed to setting standards, providing training and services, in order to promote in the broader market, open storage networking solutions.

Located in the Colorado Technology Center is a concrete manifestation of the grand objective of SNIA Certified Systems Engineer Certification, it can be for members to provide analog enterprise storage systems, computing platforms, including Fibre Channel and NAS architecture and all kinds of products. SNIA Technology Center will showcase the latest in network storage technology development and testing conditions, and these technologies requires a different vendor interoperability between products.

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