Roof Top Cafe Named One Of Key West, Florida’s Best By Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor is regarded as one of the finest travel websites for people planning a vacation. Recently, their readers voted Roof Top Cafe one of the best island restaurants.

Whether or not a person is going to enjoy a restaurant can be a very subjective experience. Simply reading one person’s review may not help answer the questions that you have, and all the advertising in the world may only make you think that they are trying too hard. That is why one of the best ways to choose which Key West restaurant you want to have your best dinner at is by going to one of the most trusted websites when it comes to travel and read the numerous reviews that people post. This way you know you can trust the reviews because the website is reputable, and the broad spectrum of what people say will fill in any questions you might have. The number one website most people trust is Trip Advisor, and their readers have recently overwhelmingly spoken out that Roof Top Cafe is one of their favorite restaurants when visiting Key West, Florida.

The reasons that it is so well-liked cover the entire spectrum of what people are looking for when they are looking at island vacations, from the location and atmosphere ("Lovely setting, beautifully decorated, in amongst the rope-lighted wrapped trees") to the food ("Best Crab Cakes Ever!") to the service ("The service has always been perfect!"). Page after page of reviews are all filled with similarly gushing platitudes, and the most important aspect that seems to show up in many of the reviews, more so than you will find in reviews of other Key West restaurants, is the number of people who come back every year.

"Repeat business is the bread and butter, if you will, of any restaurant, whether it is a stop during an island vacation or the local place down the road from your home," said Norman Vogel, owner of the Roof Top Cafe. "Many of the people who are now regulars first visited us when they were down here for one of the many island weddings we host here. They have such a great experience that they come back again and again. That is one of the highest compliments they can give us, another one being, of course, taking their time to share their experience with people around the world. That is why this award from Trip Advisor means that much to us. It is recognition from the customers we strive so hard to please."

To read the reviews that earned Roof Top Cafe this award, visit this website:

For more information about Roof Top Cafe itself, please visit their website:

Jack Terry is a travel and lifestyle writer who lived in Key West for several years.

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