Protecting Tropical Real Estate in Hurricane Season

Tips and Advice on how to protect your Belize Real Estate during hurricane season from people whom call Belize home.

Belize conjures thoughts of waving palm trees along the shores of blue-green Caribbean Sea. For a few months every year, however, a scene could become a turbulent gray storm of intensity which dictates whether one must flee it or feel it. From June through October the intermittent threat of hurricanes need not impede anyone from investing in and enjoying tropical dream property in Belize. The success of avoiding hurricane impact depends on basic knowledge, open communication, and proper preparation, much like the common emergency protocols encouraged in any locale.

Announcements and predictions are widely conveyed when stormy weather is anticipated. Residents or hired groundskeepers may begin covering windows and doors with attached shutters or mounting plywood to protect against rain squalls and broken glass from air pressure or flying debris. Keeping grounds free of yard waste and other materials also helps to avoid projectile surprises. Storing water and food is always practical, though understanding that fresh water and electricity may be temporarily suspended for days after the storm may increase the anticipated amounts of drinking water and ‘flushing’ or washing water. Candles, flashlights, and solar-charged garden post lights are all great additions to an emergency kit. In addition, the Belize Red Cross and NEMO, National Emergency Management Organization, are well-established groups who offer professional assistance.

Coldwell Banker real estate professionals live in Belize and know the types of buildings which offer stability in an emergency. The islands of Belize are chiefly topped with homes and businesses built of sturdy concrete, the strongest defense against high winds. Open outbuildings called palapas are made of what characterizes the charm of island and jungle life – wood with thatch, a natural leafy roof – easily blown away, but also easily replaced. Anticipating high waves called storm surges, beachfront owners may remove every other plank from docks to guard against warping or lifting dock pilings. Your Coldwell Banker agent can offer information about which structure and style may fit your preferences.

Along the beautiful beaches facing the Caribbean Sea, improved weather forecasting and community preparedness both send waves of warning well before waves of water. Simple steps make securing your personal safety and tropical haven in Belize manageable.

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