New Physician Joins West Georgia Cardiology

Dr. Charlie Rouse and the entire team at West Georgia Cardiology are pleased to welcome Kathryn McFarland, M.D., to the practice.

Dr. McFarland is an experienced, board certified invasive cardiologist who is committed to treating all facets of her patients’ well-being, recognizing that there is far more involved in heart health than what goes on within the confines of the doctor’s office. West Georgia Cardiology shares these strong beliefs, and they look forward to touching the lives of even more people with Dr. McFarland on board.

Dr. McFarland provides care for a variety of cardiac issues and diseases, and she is particularly passionate when it comes to women’s heart health issues and the unique challenges that this group may face during treatment. Her extensive training began with medical school at the University of Minnesota. Dr. McFarland then continued her training with a residency at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, followed by a cardiovascular fellowship at the University of Kentucky.

As an advocate for promoting the health and wellness of the community at large, she has organized and participated in free cardiology clinics, health fairs and other outreach programs. These community efforts along with her active membership in the United Way have earned her the Alan Page Scholar as well as a Physician Award for Community Involvement in 2009.

At West Georgia Cardiology, both Dr. Rouse and Dr. McFarland are committed to empowering the individual as a whole with a focus on healing mind, body, and spirit in a timely and cost-effective setting. They hold fast to the central belief that high quality care should be available to everyone, and that patients should not have to suffer a long wait in order to receive the care that they need. West Georgia Cardiology recognizes that a healthy heart begins with preventative measures starting at an early age, and part of their practice is to educate and inform the youth of today so they can stay healthy well into their later years.

A large part of the West Georgia Cardiology practice consists of community outreach, including education and research measures designed to make the community aware of the signs and symptoms of heart disease. The physicians of West Georgia Cardiology make frequent appearances at local civic and church group meetings in an attempt to ensure that the local community is as well-informed as possible on the issues surrounding heart disease.

The services offered at West Georgia Cardiology are extensive and varied, designed to meet the needs of as many people as possible with heart and cardiovascular concerns of all types. All treatment programs begin with a thorough new patient evaluation, during which the physician identifies any areas of concern, recognizing that each person that walks through their doors is more than just a number or a disease. Doctors Rouse and McFarland will then guide their patients through a treatment plan that works best for each individual’s particular needs.

West Georgia Cardiology offers a number of different services to its patient population. These services include diagnostic tests, such as echocardiograms to identify how well the heart is functioning by viewing the muscle and valves using painless, non-invasive sound waves. Stress testing is also offered by West Georgia Cardiology to see how the heart handles exercise or activity in a controlled setting. Other diagnostic tests performed include Ankle-Brachial Index testing, peripheral studies, and tilt table testing.

Should a cardiac situation warrant intervention, the physicians at West Georgia Cardiology are well trained and prepared to handle whatever situation that may arise. Treatments include Coumadin clinics, cardiac catheterization, enhanced external counter pulsation, direct current cardioversion, and more. The physicians at West Georgia Cardiology are skilled at pacemaker implants and monitoring for patients with hearts that require additional stimulation to stay in normal rhythm.

One very unique aspect of the West Georgia Cardiology practice is the fact that it also offers and encourages medical massage. Studies have shown that massage can lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety, and lower muscular tension in cardiac patients, and it also adds to an overall sense of well-being. West Georgia Cardiology recognizes the healing benefits of massage, and this is why they offer it as therapy to cardiac patients as a part of an overall wellness program.

For anyone suffering from heart or cardiovascular issues, do not hesitate to call a West Georgia Cardiology cardiologist in Carollton, GA, at (770)838-8440 or visit the office located at 129 Bankhead Highway, Carrollton, GA, 30117. The same number can be used to schedule medical massage in Carrollton, GA. More information can be found online at

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