Neuroblastoma and Small Cell Lung Cancer Treatments by Neotropix

Neuroblastoma is a cancer that strikes babies and young children. The cells of this cancer look a great deal like the early developing nerve cells found in a fetus. This is a rather rare form of cancer of the sympathetic nervous system which is a series of nerves that transfers messages sent from the brain to other parts of the body.

Each year in the US, about five hundred children are affected with neuroblastoma. The tumors associated with this cancer are shaped like a lump or mass which most usually begins in an adrenal gland. They can also begin growing in nerve tissue in the pelvis, neck or chest. The first symptoms of this cancer are fatigue and a loss of appetite. An affected child may complain of feeling full or of having pain. He/she also may be constipated. It is common for neuroblastoma to spread to bone. If this occurs it is very hard for the affected child to walk as there will be much pain present. This cancer can also spread to the spinal cord which could ultimately lead to paralysis.

Neotropix is a company that develops and commercializes naturally-derived viruses for the treatment of tumors. Neotropix’s NTX-010 virus is going to be used in an upcoming clinical trial being run by Children’s Oncology Group. In this trial patients between the ages of three and twenty-one will be given NTX-010 as it has shown to be very effective in treating neuroblastoma tumors in pre-clinical studies. It has been reported that patients who had been given NTX-010 earlier only demonstrated mild side-effects.

NTX-010 from Neotropix is also going to be used in a clinical trail that will be conducted by the North Central Cancer Treatment Group. This will be a randomized, placebo-controlled phase II study for NTX-010. It is believed that NTX-010 is effective in small cell lung cancer treatments as earlier studies have suggested so. This type of lung cancer is aggressive and very fast growing and approximately 15% of all lung cancers are small cell lung cancer. This cancer usually starts in the bronchi and as the cells grow they create very large tumors. These tumors then spread very rapidly to other parts of the body including the bone, brain and liver. Considering all of this, small cell lung cancer treatments must be very aggressive.

Small cell carcinoma is also a cancer that affects the lungs. It is almost always caused by smoking although exposure to high amounts of asbestos is also a risk factor. This type of cancer strikes men more often than women. Symptoms of small cell carcinoma are a chronic cough, wheezing, shortness of breath and a loss of weight. Unfortunately the prognosis is very short-term and surgery is never an option. Radiation and chemotherapy are often combined when treating small cell carcinoma wherein survival is prolonged with a five-fold improvement when compared to patients who do not receive any therapy.

The North Central Cancer Treatment Group is now enrolling small cell carcinoma patients in a controlled study which will use NTX-010. This naturally occurring virus has shown promise in the past when treating this type of cancer. Neotropix, the developer and manufacturer of NTX-010 began operations in 2005. Neotropix is confident that the NTX-010 cancer-killing virus will be more effective and less toxic than other therapies available today in the treatment of the above mentioned cancers. We can only hope that the NTX-010 virus will end up being the most effective treatment option for patients suffering from cancers of the lung and for young children who are suffering with neuroblastoma.

Article written by: Cin Rupp

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