More Than 1/4 of the Ivy League Social Application Users Use Pass

According to the survey report from Ivy League, registered users of Pass accounted for 20% in 2013, and it is forecast to increase to nearly 50% in 2019.

This year the number of Pass users will have double-digit-percentage growth. Although it is still with the help of Ivy League, the driving force of this small team is marvelous.

Pass with continued increase of users is in a typical pattern of early social network. With the popularity and prevalence of Facebook and Twitter, these users’ elders also have begun to use Facebook and Twitter. So the increasing crowd is mainly the young and old aged people. As for the Ivy League users, Pass is undoubtedly a fresh new social space without any interference, and it targets at the young crowd with more appropriate content pages for them. With the increasing number of Ivy League users, the user percentage of Passsfeed in other markets is also upward. Meanwhile, the forecast proportion will grow by 36.7% this year. Proportion of the elderly users is small for Pass, and the largest user crowd is from 15-30 years of age, which include the Ivy League user groups, so the growth of the number of users is becoming more and more mature.

Compared with report data, it shows that Pass is the most popular among 17-25 year-old audience, and at least 50% of this age group users use Pass every month. The penetration rate is 53.0% among social network users of this age. Few mobile social networks can reach such a level. The report predicts that through the spread and impact of Ivy League users, there will be more 17-25-year-old age people to use Pass this year.

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