Melstel Estates Limited Invests in Secondary Real Estate

Melstel Estates decided to the secondary market of real estate in Martinique. This is the first significant move of the company in this region of the world.

Current prices for real estate on Martinique are far from being the highest in the region; still they are not the lowest. Real estate of Martinique remained in the middle of price range but nevertheless tit keeps rising as well as the whole property market of the world. First wave of crisis left both the analysts say that the second stage will come soon. That is why investors and just individuals start thinking about investing the funds in certain asset.

Real estate on Martinique differs from its analogs on other islands of the Caribbean Sea. The tourism sector here is focused on well-off clients and visitors. Such target audience will visit the resorts and will go for the vacation even during the hardest recession. That is why this region seems more perspective and protected.

Right now Melstel Estates Limited also decided to invest certain share of its capital in the units located in Martinique. Still for now the company is going to start from the secondary market and will acquire buy-to-let units. Right now the supply is very limited so investing in premises with leasing purposes seems to be a good form of capital placement.

The local team has formed the database of non-listed property and as soon as the main strategy is approved will come to active measures acquiring the chosen units. Simultaneously the other group of specialists runs negotiations with local tenants to acquire land site near Fort-de-France. This purchase may result in construction of custom residential complex for tourist or a hotel.

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Melstel Estates Limited
Frederick Wilson
48 Themistokli Dervi Avenue

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