Major E-commerce Players Are Competing for Global Market Share

E-commerce is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world. It is estimated that the global sales of e-commerce sites will hit $1.3 trillion USD in 2014.

A Nelson Mandela R5 birthday coin sold for over $30,000 USD not too long ago. This transaction was advertised and concluded on an e-commerce B2B website. The site handled the full transaction and acted as mediator between the buyer and the supplier. This gave buyer a huge chance to build a successful online purchasing experience. This is but one example of how far e-commerce sites have come in the last ten years and where the location of the store has become a global phenomenon where global buyers and suppliers connect where it is impossible in traditional trading methods. It is estimated that the global sales of e-commerce sites will hit $1.3 trillion USD in 2014. It is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world. It makes shopping experience more convenient where people could simply sit at home and shop. No transport necessary as the goods come directly to customers’ door.

With an average growth rate of 19% in 2012, the market for e-commerce in China is depicting a promising development in line with the China average of 19.9%. For 2013, it is expected that the market for e -commerce in the region is expected to increase by 23 %. This was revealed on display at the recent report on B2C e-commerce in China.

China is by far the largest country in Central Asia. With sales e-commerce $ 40 billion, which represents 65.7% of total sales and e -commerce in the region, internet penetration in China is very high at 85%, and following China has the largest online population in Asia. With a young generation eager to embrace foreign trends and style Internet -savvy digital life, China survived retailers and shipping long traditions move into a hub for the growth of e fresh- commerce. The impressive growth rate of 22 % confirms this trend. Foreigners like Amazon are already well established on the market. On the other hand, China is the birthplace of the great international success of e-commerce companies including ECVV and Alibaba.

In today’s overcrowded e-commerce market it is virtually impossible to break through. However, veteran e-commerce player ECVV has been trading on the online marketplace for over a decade and has a trusted name and connects global buyers and suppliers in the B2B sector.

There are many more advantages and disadvantages relating to e-commerce sites, but renowned e-commerce sites have more advantages than disadvantages. Many e-commerce sites often lack the expertise in website building and construct a very poor "store". A good example would be a tatty shop built in an old neighborhood vs. a newly designed shop in a Shopping Mall where there are rules and regulations. In e-commerce there are no steadfast rules and regulations and as such the owner is pretty much left to his own devices. Hence ECVV has done its homework very well. Many e-commerce site owners see dollar signs, only to make no money at all due to major shortcomings in product offering, product range, quality, shipment issues and most of all a poorly designed site.

Further, communication becomes critical in online B2B sites where constant and consistent communication is the key for repeat sales and a growing brand which can be trusted and shows it to be ultra-reliable companies, which are unreliable, lose faith and will not last. It is important then to look at capable and reliable e-commerce sites like Nike, e-Bay, Reebok and ECVV to name a few. These sites have established global trust.

With a decade years in the e-commerce industry, ECVV has been an integral connection between global buyers and suppliers. The company is focusing on profitable growth and no doubt it has completed a huge journey and now on its way towards ultimate success. With a site which navigates easily and categorized into well over fifty categories and sub-categories, this platform is an online shopping destination.

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+86 731 89824148

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