MadnessComedyClub Launches Indiegogo Campaign for "The Roommates" Comedy Web Series

The Roommates is a mini web series chronicling the adventures and misadventures of Nick, a college freshman who has to deal with his roommates and their day-to-day mischiefs.

The life of a college freshman isn’t always breezy, especially with roommates who are slow minded potheads, narcoleptics and womanizing jocks. "The Roommates", a new comedy web series, is seeking to raise $5,000 to present this amusing reality by making this project happen.

The Roommates features Nick, a normal college student who develops serious anger issues from dealing with his roommates; Randy, a selfish laid-back pothead, who unwittingly drives Nick crazy from his stupidity; Ryan, the standard frat kid at his college; and Sleeper who suffers from narcolepsy and falls asleep all over the apartment.

"This web series is a great way for college students to relax and have a good laugh after going to class all day," said Producer Kyle John Gehring. "Whether it’s a conversation starter in class or a mutual sense of humor, everyone can relate to it."

Kyle John is best known for his work on the short film "Aversion Conspiracy" in 2011, which was nominated and honorable mentions in the California and Florida Film Festivals, and earned him the Best New Filmmaker award. His other works include "It’s a Dog Gone Tale: Destiny’s Stand" in 2010 and "Asl" in 2014.

The Roommates, Kyle John’s comedy web series, is scheduled to be uploaded on the MadnessComedyClub YouTube page every last Friday of every month. In order to meet the pilot date on YouTube and running smooth on set, the team needs funds for the cast and crew who will bring to life the vision in each episode. Social media campaigns will entail some costs as well, which will be partly funded by the campaign.

From June 27th to August 1st, The Roommates is accepting pledges of at least $15, who will be given thanks on the credits of the comedy web series. Funding of $1,000 will earn the pledging individual the Executive Producer credit for Season One, as well as daily footage. He or she will also be brought into brainstorming for the rest of the episodes.

Kyle John and the entire crew behind The Roommates also invite and encourage individuals to send their feedback and life experiences. Anyone can become part of the project by sending in their real, crazy stories about what they have to deal with while rooming with other people.

To find out more about The Roommates and its Indiegogo campaign, please visit for information and pledges.

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