KarmaGoal: New Crowdfunding Site Aims to Help Individuals Achieve Personal Goals

Crowdfunding projects for personal growth and self-improvement find their new home at KarmaGoal.com.

It’s never too late to make a difference in one’s personal life, especially when family, friends and supporters believe in your goal and have faith in you. This idea of "changing the world, one goal at a time" is the premise has paved the way for the creation of KarmaGoal.com, a new crowdfunding site to help members realize their own accomplishments.

KarmaGoal is an easy-to-use platform to help people achieve what they set to accomplish in their personal life. The website enables users to set up their Environment, Education, Finance, Relationship, and Health-related objectives on dieting, addiction or fitness and explore their chances of making it all happen with the support of people who care, have been through the same experience or are on the exact same journey – and know that it can be done.

"We’ve all had New Year’s resolutions or goals for the year. KarmaGoal helps you rally your supporters, so you achieve and conquer your personal goal," said Anthony Santiago, Co-Founder of KarmaGoal.

Doing good in the world starts with a small step, and KarmaGoal seeks to do just that using a single idea, a single spark of inspiration. The website believes that the New Year’s Resolutions set each year need not remain empty dreams because people fall short of their true potential.

"We’ve dreamed. We’ve aspired. However, the little voice inside chips away at us and tells us to ‘give up’ or it won’t work. KarmaGoal helps change that," added Patrick Santiago, Co-Founder of KarmaGoal.com. "Let’s help each other make a better world starting with YOU!"

At KarmaGoal.com, a crowdfunding project doesn’t have to be massively complex or an incredibly high concept. Losing weight, eating healthier, getting good grades, saving money, getting out of debt or quitting coffee addiction are goals anyone can set and seek the support of friends for motivation.

"The key factor to KarmaGoal is that it’s free to join and easy to use," added Santiago.

The new motivational crowdfunding platform allows users to sign up for free. Campaigns can then be created and set up on the user’s profile page, detailing his or her story. To motivate the user to really execute the plan and become better in a particular aspect of living, he or she can ask family and friends for support by way of pledges. Gaining the support and help of the people around goes a long way to reaching such goals.

KarmaGoal.com fundraisers need to update their campaign and, given the specific timeline, the pledgers can vote to decide if indeed, the goal has been accomplished. In the end, the motivational crowdfunding site targets to bring the best out in people with the help of others who believe that it is possible.

To find out more about the newest website for setting personal goals and turning it into a crowdfunding project, please visit http://karmagoal.com/ for information and to sign up for free.

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