Karmagoal Gives Away $50 in Motivational Pledge Funds to First 10 Personal Goal Campaigns

Within days of its official launch, the new motivational crowdfunding site is applauding its first 10 successful campaigns.

Setting a personal goal is the first vital step to achieving anything, no matter how simple or complex it may be. With the encouragement of people who are rooting for such an achievement, the challenge becomes an easier and definitely attainable task.

Anchored on this principle, Karmagoal.com came into being – and is now helping individuals discover their potential for greatness in all aspects of living. Just weeks following its launch, the website now proudly announces 10 verified and completed campaigns.

Continuously encouraging people to become the best version of themselves, Karmagoal.com has offered well-deserved $50 in motivational funds to these successful campaigns.

"We’re excited to be able to help as many people as possible achieve their own personal goals," said Anthony Santiago, Co-Founder of KarmaGoal. "It’s free and easy to get started. Whatever you want to do, it’s really up to you. Our main objective is to help people become better, whether it’s being smarter, healthier, happier or something else. Change starts with you!"

At Karmagoal.com, individuals simply need to set up their account for free, tell their story and share it with friends and family. The motivational website, anchored on the principle of helping people push themselves to the limit to become better, enables campaign starters to receive donations from their backers to serve as added motivation.

As with any goal setting, accomplishment schedules and timelines need to be provided. Campaign starters should keep their backers updated of their progress as this target nears. By the end of the campaign, supporters decide if the goal has been met or not.

The 10 verified and completed campaigns are proof positive that with the support of people who care and believe, personal dreams and goals for self-improvement are never beyond reach.

"It is essentially the objective of Karmagoal.com that, by the time your campaign is over, you’ve become a better and richer you!" said Santiago, who believes that the journey for a better person starts with a decision.

At Karmagoal.com, no personal aim is neither simple nor too complex. Everyone needs to be encouraged or motivated in their quest to improve a significant part of their life. Be it to become leaner through healthier food choices, master a new language, enhance dancing skills or get rid of caffeine addiction, the motivational crowdfunding site is all about helping people find a way to really reach for their aims, with the right people cheering for them and believing they can.

"Let’s help each other make a better world starting with YOU! " added Patrick Santiago, Co-Founder of Karmagoal.com, who advocates helping improve the world, one person at a time. "Support goes a long way to reaching your goals so gain the support and help of the people around you!"

To find out more about the 10 completed personal goal campaigns, please visit http://karmagoal.com/ and discover how personal success is possible with a solid support system.

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