Kardiolita Makes It Easier To Prevent Cardio Diseases With Full Cardiac Screening Package

For most people, it’s not always easy to figure out what tests one would need performed in order to have the heart fully checked and make certain that it is in its best possible condition.

Regular health and heart checkups is something most people would rather skip and not do – however, it’s something everyone needs to get done to make sure there are no serious risks for one’s health.

In these situations, the less complicated the procedure, the easier people are taking it, the less time they need to spend analyzing different options and making the right decision.

This is why Kardiolita – the leading private hospital in Lithuania – has a pre-set package for full heart checkup and diagnostics – patients do not need anything else just to know that they want to have their heart checked.

The package called "Kardio" contains everything that is needed for a full cardiac screening: starting with a cardiologist consultation, then going through many instrumental and laboratory tests. The great advantage of this package is that not only patient’s heart is being checked, but also many tests are being done ir order to find any potential risks and diagnose conditions that involve the heart: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, congenital heart disease, chest pain, heart attack, and heart failure, arrhythmia.

Andrius Jonutis, the CEO Deputy Manager at Kardiolita, says – "While many people choose the "Kardio" program for their regular checkups, there are many patients who have pre-existing conditions, and come to us after difficult surgeries – to have their heart and related areas fully checked and make sure they are healing well."

Having a full cardiac screening package available makes it really easy for the patients – they do not need to worry about what exact tests they need, or anything at all. The "Kardio" package is also very popular amongst international patients – it gets significantly less expensive for them to go abroad for 3 days and have their heart checked in full even with the travel expenses added.

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