India year produce amount of gum will to 780,000 tons

India rubber committee chairman SajenPeters said that up to March, 2006 of in a year, India rubber yield anticipates to increase 4.1% goes to vibram five fingers, because the weather condition is beneficial, and plant area extension.”The rate of production raises, and expectation in of plant area to increase 7,000 hectares, anticipate a rubber yield exaltation, ” SajenPeter plants an operator in one of the south of India meeting up mean.Up to the fiscal year in March, 2006, India rubber amount of consumption anticipates to be increased into by 755,405 tons in last year 79.20,000 tons.

SajenPeter said that India April to September 12 daytime, the rubber import measures to 34,517 tons.The country went to March, 2005 to import 68,718 tons for a year.”Was subjected to at that time price to have no benefit in 1997~2002 years can the influence of the diagram, all speeds in the planting of nationses for planting obviously put slowly, past several years of yield expectationses will be subjected to influence in the future.

“He says, Thailand and Malaysia are subjected to industrialization progress in the nation speed influence. The gum export expectation in sky will reduce.”Thailand consumes 10% that the quantity has its native sky of gum yield at present.Expecting the coming five yearses will increase into 30%.”

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