How to Make Your WordPress Site Secure

When using WordPress site one needs to be aware of the importance of all the time accessibility, problems, vulnerabilities and the threats WordPress website is open to.

Many people today have a question: How to make wordpress site secure? YooshaySoft Technologies; a strong technology company with a number of customers has offered website testing and scanning services for those using WordPress sites and facing vulnerabilities for their websites.

The service includes performing 30+ security tests which include brute – force attacks as well; also include checks for security vulnerabilities, holes and timthumb vulnerability. As part of the service YooshaySoft Technologies will also provide the website users in depth and detailed explanation of all the tests; instructions for strengthening the sites; suggest preventative measures against attacks, scanning to ensure safety of metadata; and checking of the database. It will also include that checking of PHP version for its settings and correction. There will be many other tests on WordPress websites.

So one can well understand that the WordPress site testing service is a combination of checking and solving the problems and vulnerabilities. It will not only identify the problems; once they have occurred but will also prevent these from occurring again. It will also provide you with the solutions to the problems that have occurred.
It is said "prevention is better than cure". Performing the tests before actual occurrence of any problem will help to prevent these from occurring at the first level.

"We have introduced the service for just $50, this may help many WordPress site owners use the service", says Muhammad; the chairman of the service.

Nowadays everyone well understands the importance of a website for business. It is a world of E- commerce now and a website is not only a marketing resource these day but also a business tool. Even the smallest business entities now utilize the supremacy of the internet for building revenues and attracting customers. Everyone in the business world is now happy and familiar with the paperless and human interaction less revenue generation and hence it is the most important and crucial matter that a WordPress site should be accessible and properly working all the time. Any problem there can damage the revenue generation cycle. Any disturbance or problem caused will make existing and potential customers annoyed and revenues lost.

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