How to choose the perfect clasp for your bracelet

Most people love bracelets very much, for bracelets can help them show their irresistible attraction when they wear the bracelets which suits them perfectly. It is surveyed that bracelets jewelry are most popular jewelry in our daily life. Here I will teach you how to choose the perfect clasp for your bracelet.
There are many types of bracelet clasps. Some clasps are just function only, with a subdued appearance that keeps them from overpowering the jewelry. Other clasps are bold and are an important part of the jewelry’s overall design.
Spring Ring Clasps
Spring ring clasps are the most common clasp used to secure necklaces, bracelets and anklets. Its weakness is that the circular ring is so tinny. Some people can not use them well with this very tiny spring ring clasps by themselves.
Toggle Clasps
Toggle clasps are a popular choice with which to close a bracelet. Toggle clasps require tension to keep them closed. If your bracelet uses small, lightweight beads like freshwater pearls, then you might not have enough tension to keep the toggle closed.
Magnetic Clasps
Magnetic clasps are a newer one to keep bracelets secure. They are easy to use, but the Magnetic clasps are sometimes cheap and do not hold the jewelry together well, which may mean a misplaced bracelet. When you wear this clasp of bracelet, you should pay more attention to your bracelet.
After knowing the various types clasps of bracelets, I think you should know which one to choose for your bracelet. I am pleasure to help you.
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