How Should the Ideal Trader Look Like?

That’s got to the most important – so what is really to be a perfect trader ? From the perspective point of psychology. The Experts of Masterforex-V World Academy tried to find the answer to this difficult question.

That’s got to the most important – so what is really to be a perfect trader? From the perspective point of psychology. The Experts of Masterforex-V World Academy tried to find the answer to this difficult question. Also, more information about latest education trend can be found on the site.

Before we begin to delve into, I want to make a small digression. Just imagine, it is the goal. And there is a high precision, modern and super equipped weapon to hit it. And this weapon was given to the person who first takes his hands. Falling? Nope. In the hands of the pros will be almost hundred percent hit, but the hands of an amateur. He did not know yet how to keep it right, how to breathe, how to look through the scope, how to account for wind speed and direction, density, temperature and humidity, the amendment to the derivation etc. etc. Nuances weight. By the same goal (we have it – it`s the price) a bunch of options should be considered – the speed, direction, acceleration vectors, etc. Plus more time to wait – there is a whole separate science (here as well as in trading, by the way). And even if all previously explain in detail, tell and show – still first performance will be very low.

This is all I have to what? All diligently and persistently seek a Holy Grail. And they cannot. Because it’s in nature! This is – a myth! Ghost! There is a huge melting pot – Market. The same one that is unlike any trader, even the coolest, is always right! And there are (all know well) different effective vehicles based on completely different principles. And they all work (for example, Weapon itself is quite regularly and suitable for the task.) But with this entire hit the target (to take profit) stability cannot everyone. Why – it is understandable. Also, I want to say that one vehicle – a little! It is enough, whether it is at least three times better than the others. It is necessary to have Application – the direct executor – the trader. And here begins a fun variety. As they say – In his own way.

As a result, we get this – only COMPLEX: TC + prepared trader will result. No complex – and no results, and this is quite natural, different and cannot be in the other way. Besides, the word Prepared is still there inside your complex. We have in this series relates only to aspects of psychological preparation trader. Although, it is very important too, but this is only one of the components. There are appliances, MM, etc.

But that’s not all. The fact is that there are pros – Masters of fire, but they have different specialization. One jeweler shoots from SVD, and the other from the howitzer D-30 (well, if the analogy – work on different TF: someone scalping on M1 is engaged, and someone looking at H4 as a Trifle). And if you swap them – also did not work. I mean it is such a thing as a weapon of choice with another trading technique – are different, and each selects the most appropriate and convenient basis of their considerations. Not only that – each trader is present in any case even further and is Sharpened strictly individually, personally for himself, even if basically uses some general principles. Here again, the weapons from the pros – always personal, although kind of like the same at first glance. This I mean that any alien vehicle – it is SOMEONE ELSE by and large, and until you have your own parents – and are looking for a mysterious Grail). This does not mean that it was not necessary to learn from the real traders (and here, by the way, another very large (and patient) the question arises whether they are true in fact or just pretend to be!). Just be aware that any study base only if necessary and even more, it is clearly insufficient – and it itself was never one trader did not! It is able to do in the end only a single person – yourself!

So, let`s back to the topic. You want to become a trader. By the way, I personally do not use the phrase Profitable trader – because, in my view, a person is a trader or not, the other is not given. Although, it can be a stretch to even enter the third intermediate State of matter in trading: man, determined to become a trader (he is making concerted efforts, but he still stood on this way), it has a title – Trying to become a trader. If the trader with a capital letter – of course, it is successful – it’s inherent meaning. Well, if only TradeYR – but at least during 50 years and has made hundreds of millions of transactions – this is not a trader! It is understood that many of us would like to call myself that word, but most clearly in a hurry with this. Only the results and only unwavering stability in the trade (of course, only on real life) allows conclusions. Everything else – the bluff!

So, we (can consider it only as my subjective opinion – do not insist) came to the conclusion that only one person – namely, the one who you look straight in the eye , look in the mirror – he alone can make you a real trader . Therefore, it would be nice to get to know him – what is it and who is he?

We have already discussed in general terms, what the characteristic types of humans are. And everyone has to try on these portraits and figured how he is. But even in our plans to intervene (sometimes quite rudely) is quite a tough thing as Aptitude. And if we are talking about trading, then let’s take and draw a portrait of the ideal trader. To strive for something, doesn`t it?

Here, it is necessary to make the following observations. First, the question: What should be the ideal trader? Certainly it is a provocative question. There are no ideal people in general and traders in particular. And secondly, I expressed my point of view. Perhaps, you will have some their criteria – and it will be correct. The main thing that it came to you personally along the trade process for getting the benefit!

But still interesting – what qualities desirable to have a person in trading? From the standpoint, it is discussed above technique of seven radicals. Let us think.

By the way – here suddenly confess in me suddenly leaped hysteric and wondered: methodology of seven radicals. Many people know what a trader – too, but tie it all together and consider the trader’s point of view . This, I anyhow, anywhere never met – it can and the first time in the world! This is just an example of how hysteric even located deep – in the second half of the profile, situational breaks forward and for a short time pushes other radicals – such sometimes happens to any of us. Do not be afraid – your true profile is still his will.

So, let’s go in order:

Hysteroid -is it useful to us? I think it is unlikely. Most will interfere. Publicize their activities trader does not need it . To attract attention and meaning? Show off? – I say, Shark Forex or King of stock, it means to him to initiate an unhealthy interest in the . But you never know who (tax , crime, jealous , etc.). In any case, the problem may occur, and here I use something not see any. In addition, knowingly isteroid surface, and a trader needs to delve deeply into the processes taking place in the market and in the essence of his vehicle, or else. And then – isteroid strongly inclined to shy away from hard labor-intensive activities – such as trading it is. So.

And, of course, is best able isteroid extol in verse and colors of their enormous success on the market – he has the most unique super TC (Ripped finished , but added unnecessary lights) that it is very stable (second month in a row does not drain) that he earned a lot of money (as much as 300 bucks!), and that he is the great Guru , generously ready to teach those who are suffering (for a nominal fee in 1Q) about how some teachers and come.

Epileptoidnye – from here it is already possible to get something really important. First of all – a very strict adherence to the rules and strict adherence to the TC MM. Like no one else will act tough Epileptoid within guidelines, and if the vehicle to which it adheres, has a positive expectation, then its profit attributable to take it. Here it is a disciplined trader!

But he would have too heavy – it will be very annoying permanent volatility of the market, which is, although manageable, but still chaos – but Epileptoid cannot stand as a chaos! It will be tormented by looking at how the price draws almost turning figure, but not quite like the picture in the textbook as, for example , of the ten required ideally conditions for entry are met only nine, and one – well, no does not want to! And he will miss this input, and that would be profit . But he would not allow any completely Gaga entry (and it sometimes does not get up only schizoid – they make up the company and all the rest. Besides epileptoida ).

But if it goes wrong, still catching large inexperience moose, he first would have his laptop crashed on the floor, but still . Then after having a rest, carefully gather all the pieces and. And then, depending on what was in him in second place (and third), and you already own it may well predict.

Does the tader need Paranoyalnost? Oh-oh- oh, how! Well, this is how you have to be stubborn to drain (as expected) several deposits in a row, do not throw it bad job to hell, not incidentally declare authoritatively Forex scams , but instead , through clenched teeth , persevere wade through thorny jungle zigzags prices . To withstand this tough marathon without a fair share of activity, energy, focus and persistent paranoid, would be very difficult.

But this weak spot is stubbornness: trader is paranoid, especially if suddenly is inspired by his schizoid of something exclusive can all the time, over and over again , making the same mistakes inherent in developed his own vehicle ( or any creative redeveloped them for themselves ). Believing it until it just inexperienced, and that is about all it will.

But here it will be something really stubborn – painstakingly and diligently studying the subtleties of this work, it will move further and further away. All the difficulties he will treat stoic; it does not knock out of a rut or a hefty moose or even marzhinkol . And there is a rather big chance that he will succeed.

Emotiveness . Emoto is the first thing noticing changes in the market, as well as the first to discover that previously working flawlessly TC has begun to fail due to these same changes (the last of all this, will pay attention to paranoid, and the second after the emotive to Epileptoid). He will respond sensitively to the slightest deviation of the price and maybe, by the way, so will tend to scalping, although it is not necessary. He sees more distance the reversal price and signs subtly to feel the mood earlier and at the time of the news, etc.

But it has a higher pressure rising up and all jump pulse when triggered large feet and marzhinkol would through it way for a long period of time. Even in this case, the alarm will calm down faster, though at first it will panic stronger. In general, all trading are holding in the real stress.

But if he did learn to trade well – it will be the most reliable and responsible trustee; it does not substitute their investors, as nearly always happens .

Schizoid . Trader is a schizoid one, and he is learning a few exhausting TC and bargain for them, would ask the question, but that’s it – not yet Grail! And I ‘ll find it! And begins to look . Of course, in most cases, it will be to invent original, but inefficient technique: he gets out hackneyed broken gauge, but wander off into the jungle impenetrable.

However, it is easier just to watch with clear eye on all the classical approaches , it are the least affected by the authorities – the great traders , teachers , etc. While looking at them, he will be without the slightest reverence, and this will give him the freedom to soar above conventions and go beyond hackneyed standards – but not on this plow a field already has a chance to find something really worthwhile, he uses this chance or not – question, but potentially he might find such an elegant and effective solution that subsequently grateful descendants will honor him for the classics.

And so, in the usual trade, he will, as always and everywhere, not accurate. It will sometimes go on him and neglecting the rules of the TS, and MM. Leaping on the move from one vehicle to another to trade exotic pair, etc. Deposit, respectively, will be in a fever.

Hypertimnostj . Gipert is learned accidentally about the potential earnings on the exchange, with the joy of anticipation and millions in his pocket with his characteristic energy immediately rush headlong into this vast ocean wave . After studying hastily couple first got arm TC will actively trade. Rapidly losing interest in trading on demo, it will sooner go for a real, and when the market will teach him the harsh lessons of the first (a lot it will not adequately inflate and thus easily sometimes work without the stop), he will think – and if he wants this trading? Especially hypertension generally is not inclined to perceive virtual space as something worthy of his attention – give him a living, sparkling feelings, communication. And sit for hours in front of a monitor looking at some boring candles – it considers it in a very tedious process. When he finally realizes that despite assurances by the local guru of the nearest DC, a couple of weeks will not be cool trader, he did cool off in this venture. And go for a drink with friends repose of the soul of his former deposit, while spending three times more than has lost in the market.

On the other hand – if he has settled somewhere near paranoyalnost and epileptic – he has quite a good chance to become a successful trader, and thus the least will suffer and worry about tripping stops etc. His strong nervous system will take all it is just as inevitable production costs (which are, by the way, and they really are).

Anxiety . Seemingly alarming generally have nothing to do on this evil and horrible ill- market, where awaits at every turn a very real risk of serious financial loss. Really that he, unlike hyperthymia will be nervous and overly dire experience their mistakes, afraid once again enter into a transaction, even where there are all prerequisites.

But let’s not jump to conclusions – it was unsettling, paradoxically, has a good chance to become a successful trader. To begin with, that’s really something he will not rush to jump on the real demo. And before you make the first real steps on the market area, thoroughly you should examine the vehicle; look into the rules of MM, RM, etc. And the demo will sit for a long time, until it is satisfied, detailed analysis of their success on the demo, it was time to move on but no, not for real – on microreal and then minireal. It is disturbing, like no other, has all chances to save your deposit intact, and then carefully build it. He will not trade without thinking beforehand issued and verified stop-loss , it will not have the temptation to go unreasonably large lot, and it will most scrupulous refers to a strict sequence from the simple – to the complex .

Of course, the style of his trade would be a conservative and not aggressive. This is not alarming boastfully cry the whole internet I made 150% in the last month! The key word here is not 150 but last.

But his trade will be stable , and with a relatively modest (but almost inevitable ) interest profit , he can surely overtake on the year some hyperthymia , which this month will be plus 50%, but in the next – minus 50%, and end up with something as minus 25% is formed!

Equity line it will be the shallowest, but the lowest level and beautiful of all.

So – what we have?

Our ideal trader must be:

– Precise and accurate, as Epileptoid;

– Active and purposeful as Paranoid;

– Sensitive and vigilant as Emoto;

– Inventive and liberated as Schizoid;

– Energetic and fast as Hypertension;

– Careful and consistent as Alarming.

And at the same time, with all that, he had to get rid of:

– Isteroida superficiality;

– Gambling epileptoida;

– Paranoid obsession;

– Emotive emotional state;

– Involvement of the schizoid;

– Hyperthymia negligence;

– Anxiety.

And now we go together to the mirror and look carefully at each of. You are just exactly a trader? No? Really? And if not, then what – turn off the computer immediately and tie with a trade?

Yes, in any case! Simply look around, try as accurate as possible, without embellishment and wishful thinking, make your own psychological makeup. And accordingly, determine what to build on – what qualities for helping you obviously go on this path, and that we must pay close attention not to go astray. Spending is orienteering – strongly proceed (of course, if you really was determined to get into a tiny percentage of successful traders – do not try to play at your leisure).

Just be aware that not only have to work on fine-tuning (the opponent) TC personally for themselves, but also on adjusting themselves under the chosen vehicle. And it is not over more than you have to work . By the way, I personally like the following saying: do not chase the money – go to meet them.

Here in this way – to meet them, and I wish you all success, deserved success! (and others will not! not even rely on the so-called fortune is not the case ) . I hope that the above mentioned material will help to reach it the upper degree. Thank you for your attention!

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