How Interactive Discussions Can Help Everyone With Their Stage Fright

Stage fright is very real — even for professional performers. The feeling of trepidation and panic is all-too-familiar. Luckily, social media comes to the rescue, with interactive discussions that help calm even the jumpiest nerves.

Just because very few people work as a performing artist-actor, singer, musician-doesn’t mean that they don’t get stage fright. Whether it is getting up to give a presentation to your colleagues, answering a question in class or sitting down for an interview, we all feel that bit of trepidation and panic. The fact is, professionals who perform constantly feel it too, sometimes every time they get ready to perform. Thanks to, the industry leader when it comes to social media interactive discussions, people can now learn just how these professionals feel before they go onstage, what they do to handle the stress and anxiety that comes along with it and how they use those feelings to give them a better performance.

"Performance Anxiety: Beyond the Fear" is a Tawk hosted by Blake Ian and James Incao, two long time singer-songwriters with well over four hundred live performances between the two of them. Through their own experience, as well as stories they have heard from others they have shared the stage with, they will host an open forum discussion that addresses, in a comical way, how best to handle the experiences that a person feels right before they have to get up in front of a crowd and perform. They know that performing is something we all do and they have many tips to share through their interactive discussion on how to be successful.

"In a sense, people who have to speak at work or at a seminar have it easier than musicians do," Mr. Ian said, "because in those situations you know that the people want to hear what you have to say. James and I have each done many shows where the crowd is restless, or perhaps has been over-served, and knowing that before we go on makes the preshow jitters that much more intense." They will each use those experiences, plus countless others, to give advice to those who choose to attend this Tawk. Best of all, with the real time commentary, they will have a chance to see what the listeners are saying and be able to specifically address situations that people have been in, making everyone feel like they are part of this open forum conversation.

To read the Tawk, "Performance Anxiety: Beyond the Fear" and to become a part of the Tawkers forum, visit

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