Help Unravel The Mysteries Of Key West Florida

This June, mystery writers and their fans from all over the world will meet in Key West for the Inaugural Mystery Writers Key West Fest. Everyone is welcome to come find out who done it!

Key West, Florida has a long and rich literary history. Two of America’s most famous authors, Ernest Hemingway and Tennessee Williams, did some of their best work while living in the lower latitudes. It has also been home over the years to hundreds of writers from a wide spectrum of genres. In the 1960’s and 70’s, the two most popular writing styles on the island were screenplays (Hollywood was always calling) and mystery novels. This June 13-15, that mystery connection is going to be celebrated with the Inaugural Mystery Writers Key West Fest.

"Writers are just like everyone else: they want to go where it’s warm!" Raymond C. Handler, spokesman for the fest, spoke while announcing the schedule of events. "Key West is a great place to set a mystery novel because of the history and mystery that surrounds this island, and with all of the great Key West restaurants like the Roof Top Cafe as part of the ‘island vacations,’ they can do as research, who wouldn’t want to become a writer in paradise?"

As the number two spot in the country for destination weddings, Key West, Florida has become a must-do on more and more people’s bucket list. What many people don’t know is that there is much more to Key West than just bar hopping and beach bumming. At one time the richest city in the country, Key West has a history that is covered in secrets and shrouded in shadows. That history is embraced with daily competing ghost tours, lecture series, architecture strolls and so much more. With the rich tapestry and interesting characters that give Key West its charm, there is no wonder why they should celebrate the art of the mystery story here.

"Starting in the 1960’s, South Florida in general and Key West, Florida specifically were used as the back drop for escapist pulp mystery novels," Mr. Handler said. "Starting with John McDonald and continuing today with such esteemed authors as Carl Hiaasen, Tim Dorsey and our own New York Times bestselling author William E. Butterworth IV, who will be at the Mystery Fest giving a speech, there has always been a dark undercurrent to all the sun and the fun." He added with a wink, "Sit with me in the shadowy corner of the bar and I’ll tell you more."

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Jack Terry is a travel and lifestyle writer who lived in Key West Florida for many years.

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