ForexTrend Paid 55 Thousand Dollars For Forex Traders Action Spring Monetary Boom

Due to not having analogues broker investment products, including PAMM accounts and indexes of the PAMM- accounts in today’s economic conflicts, even not strong in financial matters people can get higher benefit.

People are divided into those

who feel that their place where they are,

And those who feel that wherever they are, they have no place.

M. Pavic

In the current situation, many people feel themselves not in their place. Inflation, devaluation, the falling of Russian ruble, is pulling for national currencies of the CIS countries, the continuing increase in prices stalled wage levels. However, even in such circumstances, a considerable number of citizens believe that their place is just where they are. Because they get a stable high profits due to the unique technology of the Best Forex Broker of the World – Forex Trend.

Ways of Forex Trend helping to achieve financial independence.

Due to not having analogues of the broker investment products, including PAMM accounts and indexes of the PAMM- accounts in today’s economic conflicts, even not strong in financial matters people can get high and, what is more important, regular income that exceed the annual rate of interest on bank deposits per month. Moreover, their profitability also exceeds the largest industrial indices such as the Dow Jones, Nasdaq, S & P 500, RTS, Nikkei etc.

Feature of the indices and individual PAMM accounts of Forex Trend is that investors do not need to understand the specifics of this kind of activity – all these is made instead of him by the best Forex traders with extensive experience of successful work in the industry, in cooperation with the company. Among them are such legendary figures as Paul Svantsev, Veronika Tarasova, Andrew Kolos, managing multimillion capital investors with their permanent augmentation.

Also, with Broker cooperate a lot of talented managers who came to the company through participation in organized competition by Forex Trend Million in skillful hands – the largest Forex competition where contestants compete on personal money (minimum deposit – $ 10 000). The winners will receive the most solid in the account’s management 500 000 300 000 and 200 000 Dollars for 1, 2 and 3 respectively. But during the competition, investors, watching how traders’ trade motivated to reach successful transactions and to make informed decisions by competent work of their money, often conclude the cooperation agreement with any of the traders.

By the way, according to the results of two tournaments held named Million in skillful hands, Forex Trend has formed a special Prize of PAMM indexes, which included accounts of the winners of the tournament. At the moment, they are among the most profitable companies in the PAMM system, bringing investors on average more than 7% of income per month.

The information about the amount of profitability of all of PAMM indexes, how they work, how you can invest into them, to give stable high interest rates along with tens of thousands of other investors, are discussed in details in the article More than 21% in I quarter of 2014 are brought with PAMM indexes of the Forex Trend.

In order to improve the security of investments in their products, the Forex Trend Company regularly modernizes the existing services, improving trade and investment conditions, introducing new products, technologies and services. And it’s on the background of the maximum level of security of your contributions achieved by the managers themselves to make interest only positive transaction as involved in the trade of their own money in considerable quantities.

In addition, the investor can use the Investment Insurance to take part in the Investment Advisor entrusted the savings to professionals, as well as receive various bonuses from the Forex Broker. How, for example, many customers of the company made in the frames of its unprecedented action Spring monetary boom successfully held from April 10 to May 10.

Spring monetary boom pleased investors and traders

Working in the interests of all our clients, without any exception, including those who do not have experience trading or investing in the Forex market, we provide the possibility of obtaining high and stable income that does not dependent on external economic or political factors – says in an interview to Market Leader General Manager of the Forex Trend Company, Andrew Polishevich. In particular, due to the minimal risk of investing in high PAMM-accounts and PAMM – indices calculated on the individual preferences of each trader or investor:

– Conservative PAMM brings stable income with scanty risks;

– Balanced PAMM harmoniously combines risks to optimal profit potential;

– Aggressive PAMM provides big profits along with large risks.

In addition, each category of PAMM is characterized with high efficiency and brings tangible benefits for both investors and traders. But we are not in place, says the expert, and constantly offer our customers new opportunities even more comfortable and secure for doing business with us, bringing you another great benefits.

In this regard, it is worth saying separately on various bonuses and promotions issues by the Forex Trend Company, which help our clients to increase the balances of their accounts due to the company’s cash, receive interest on their savings deposits, to win a variety of prizes and much more. As it was in the framework of large-scale action Spring monetary boom that has combined several bonus programs.

According to Andrew Polishevich, the participants of the campaign Spring monetary boom concluded on May 10, have got a lot of great cash prizes and material, as well as certain privileges, allowing them to earn on Forex more, and also, reduce risks to the possible limits. The total prize fund of the project amounted to 55 thousand Dollars.

For getting gifts and cash impressive sums, the participants had only to refill their account balance in our company for the amount of $ 100 – for them the Prize of $ 100 to $ 500. As a result, $ 100 went to 150 clients of the company for $ 200 got 70 participants, $ 500 was handed to the 30 luckiers, as noticed the representative of Forex Trend.

The grand prize of 10,000 Dollars for the largest volume of invested funds received Roman E. (login Profitok), who added to his account the amount of 436,000 Dollars. And an additional prize – iPhone 5S 16 Gold – was awarded to Alexei Alexandrovich (login alesios) for the greatest percentage of the profits obtained during the campaign.

In addition, during the conduct of Spring monetary boom participants could add to their account on a favorable exchange rate, significantly below the market one, as well as get the additional 6-12% of the amount on the bill for the part in the loyalty bonus.

As it was noticed by Andrew Polishevich, all money received by members of the Spring monetary boom, can be used for investments into the account or PAMM indexes of Forex Trend, as well as aiming for the independent trade.

This will increase their trade or investment, which would lead to increased profits. And we will continue to offer our clients the best conditions for a safe and highly effective work on Forex market, making it the place for you, in which you would like always to be.

The experts of Masterforex-V World Academy will keep you in course of the about the latest news from the World’s Best Forex Brokers such as Forex Trend.

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