CYS Launches New Milled Glass Fiber Powder and Stronger E Glass Chopped Strand Mat

The Chengdu-based glass fiber producer highlights the performance-enhancing properties of the new E glass fiber powder and the stability of its thin mat product line.

Chengdu Chang Yuan Shun Co., Ltd, Chengdu’s leading manufacturer of glass fiber used for a variety of applications, now offers the milled glass fiber powder product. This newest addition to CYS’ product range is used for reinforced nylon, PP, Teflon, UP resin, Epoxy resin. It is also used as a carrier agent.

"Having completed a series of tests, the milled glass fiber powder has been found to significantly enhance the performance of various products," said the CYS Technical Development team. "It is an effective hardener and anti-crack element, particularly used to stabilize the resin binder."

The newest E glass fiber powder is also a concrete strengthener, an alternative to polyester fiber and a leading element for reinforced thermoplastic. It is used to stabilize high temperature and low temperatures in asphalt concrete to ensure resistance to crack and toughness of road surfaces, among others.

CYS’ new milled glass fiber powder covers practical applications in the automotive, construction, aerospace and other fields, particularly for auto parts, electronic products and machinery. The low-cost product is a common reinforcing material for cars, train, ships, housing, high temperature needle felt, automotive sound-absorbing sheet and hot-rolled steel.

With the introduction of its new multipurpose E glass fiber powder, CYA has also implemented concurrent improvements to its existing E Glass Chopped Strand Mat. The product, which conforms to standard GB/T 17470-2007 and has been authorized for use in more than 20 countries, can be used well in automobile parts, headliner, FRP panels, boat hull and cooling tower.

The CYS team said customers’ feedback proved significant in their decision to reexamine the E Glass Chopped Strand Mat and commit to enhancing its stability and minimize its unit weight error.

"Specially, we made great efforts on the formula and passed tests for VOC Odour Rating," explained the CYA technical department. "We’ll continue to explore technology on the CSM and make improvements to satisfy client’s requirements," the team concluded.

As with all of its products, the new E Glass fiber powder and the improved E Glass CMS comply with standard production requirements and are ISO 9001-2008 quality controlled.

To find out more about the new E Glass milled fiber powder and improved Chopped Strand Mat from CYS, please visit for information.

Company Contact Information
Chengdu Chang Yuan Shun Co., Ltd.
Torch port lot 2, 81, Jinshi road, Jinjiang industrial district, Chengdu, Sichuan, China

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