Cow Key Channel Bridge Run Continues A Key West Florida Tradition

Key West is known for hosting strange events. Now there is a new event added to that roster. Billed as a "zero K run," the Cow Key Channel Bridge Run celebrates all that is special about Key West.

There are a number of "traditions" that Key West Florida is known for that would make people in other parts of the country scratch their heads. The most famous of all of these is, of course, "Fantasy Fest", a week-long celebration at the end of October that requires at least a half-dozen different costumes. Other newer traditions have gotten started and are already taking hold. There is the Zombie Bike Ride, Tu-Tu Tuesday and the "Drag" races, where drag queens race up and down Duval street in full attire, including high heels, just to name a few. This April, a new one hopes to join them: the inaugural Cow Key Channel Bridge Run.

The first Saturday of every April, the Florida Keys host a run across the most famous of the fort- two bridges that cover the distance from the mainland of Florida all the way to Key West. The Seven Mile Bridge connects Marathon Key with Little Duck Key and is closed to traffic for three hours a year while runners from around the world compete in this race. Not to be outdone, the famously irreverent people of Key West, Florida decided they wanted a race of their own. Seven miles seemed like a bit much to them, however, so they decided on a slightly shorter course.

The Cow Key channel cuts between Key West and Stock Island. The bridge itself is approximately 385 feet long. However, due to the fact that many of the participants are not in full running shape, many teams are entering as a relay, and in true Key West tradition, there is one of the world famous Key West restaurants right near the finish line.

Event organizer David Sloan put it best when asked why he had put this together. "Frankly, because on a Saturday at noon, many of us don’t have anything better to do." With 725 people already signed up, it certainly looks like this will be the first year of a Key West tradition that looks to span more years than it does feet.

Robert Willis is a writer and blogger who likes to cover those events that make Key West a more fun place to be.

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