Companies Ramping Up for Strong 2014 Hurricane Season

The 2014 hurricane season is expected to be a strong one. Businesses in the hurricane protection industry, such as Gulf Hurricane Protection industry are already getting busy.

The 2014 hurricane season is expected to be a strong one, according to researchers at GWO, the company who made the most accurate storm predictions for the last five years.

Businesses in the hurricane protection industry, such as Gulf Hurricane Protection, are getting ramped up for a busy season. The company supplies and installs window protection systems for homes and businesses in Houston, Galveston, and the surrounding areas such as Beaumont and Freeport.

"Things are getting busy already and we’re glad to get a lot of installations done before the storms start." says Eddie Perez of Gulf Hurricane Protection. He continues, "It’s smart to get panels, or whichever you prefer, installed before the storm season so your home will be protected. Also, when the season starts, the professionals like us get really busy and we see general contractors that don’t know anything about window protection systems start offering installations. They’re basically practicing on people’s homes who often end up with inferior products and bad-looking installations."
From making arrangements for extra staff during the busy time (usually immediately before and after a storm) to discussions with suppliers to ensure materials are available when needed, there is a lot of work being done in the background so when the storms start coming they will be ready.

Window Protection Options

There are basically four options for hurricane protection:

– Hurricane panels
– Hurricane Shutters (aka, Bahama Shutters)
– Hurricane Screens
– Roll Down Shutters

Each option has its pros and cons, depending on the budget and preferences of the home owner or business owner.

At the least expensive end are hurricane panels, which almost anyone can afford to protect their home or business. A panel is cut to custom fit each window on the building and then stored until they are needed. They are put up when a storm is imminent and taken down after the storm has passed. Inexpensive but a little labor intensive on a per-use basis.

Roll Down shutters tend to be the most expensive but offer the best protection with almost no labor required. They are permanently installed at each window. The shutters roll up into a box which is mounted horizontally above the window. If a storm is coming, they are rolled down (manual and electric versions are available) and locked into place.

Roll down shutters also offer great protection against theft and vandalism while you are away during the storm or on any weekend or night.

Learn more about hurricanes and hurricane window protection options at

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