Cheri Tree, Leading Sales Training Authority And Coach Teaches The BANK Principle; Improving Sales By Up To 300%

With over two decades of extensive experience in sales and multi-million dollar income to prove it, Cheri Tree developed the Global BANK Academy as the ultimate personality sales training organization.

Arguably one of the most underrated skills is selling. More often than not, many think that sales may not require specific training, and that some are simply proficient whiles others inept – at persuading others to buy what they sell.

Cheri Tree, arguably one of the industry’s most renowned authorities, sheds light to the realities in business, emphasizing that to be considered a Sales Professional; it requires one to master the art of selling. With the exact principle in mind, Cheri developed ‘BANK: the Ultimate Personality Sales Training System’ "designed to increase your sales and influence by up to 300%."

Cheri Tree is known for positioning her company Global BANK Academy on top of the virtual sales coaching and training industry. She heavily invested in the studying and learning of the most winning sales practices from industry experts on topics ranging from sales techniques and scripting to human behavior and psychology.

"Most salespeople attempt to sell using only one code, based on their OWN personality type," said Tree. "By default, they fail to decipher the code of their prospects, and thus do not tailor their presentation effectively. If you don’t know the code, you won’t close the sale!" she added.

BANK focuses on the four major personality types Blueprint, Action, Nurturing and Knowledge, each requiring a unique script or code. The Global BANK Academy provides all the tools a sales person will need to profile their prospects and determine their codes.

Proof positive of the effectiveness of the BANK method is Cheri herself, who took her annual income from $72,000 to over $500,000 in 12 months and over $1 Million within three years using the BANK system.

Currently, BANK is being taught in over 30 countries due to Cheri’s extensive travels. She recently accepted an invitation from the HEWC to speak at Harvard University from the Harvard Extension Wellness Club and UC Berkeley Haas Business School Alumni Network.

Through the system, top sales organizations worldwide are learning to connect faster and easier with their prospects; sell more product and services; deliver powerful presentations using the right scripts;; build a highly trained sales force with a competitive advantage; and crack the personality code and take it to the BANK.

To find out more about Cheri Tree and the innovative Global BANK Academy, please visit for information.

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Original Source: Cheri Tree, Leading Sales Training Authority And Coach Teaches The BANK Principle; Improving Sales By Up To 300%

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