bund area has been its heart region

Fusion, international metropolis of key point
Individual events and background of the collections
“The civil space” regression
ZhangHong (tongji university professor) institute of cultural criticism.
If through the traffic renovation Asics shoes the return of the bund of Shanghai city landscape of the whole, become buildings, roads and poured the “trinity” of new space, then, the project of cultural significance, is far beyond the simple municipal significance.
Shanghai huangpu river since opening wharfs, bund area has been its heart region. Past 100 years, the bund Asics running of Shanghai urban space changes are also characterization of cultural change. But in the early 1980s, the bund of image has quite different: trees, but much less car. It is still an important local citizens leisure places, it’s flood control wall area is famous “emotion”, the lovers like wall to the relatively empty place Muenster. This shows that the bund and urban everyday life have harmony.
But in recent years, the bund into a dangerous road, a few real bund part a fence isolated motor lane, road vehicle possession. Visitors can only through several underground passage arrived in Yangtze river, then squeezed in narrow long consideration of platform, MiZaZa to skip across a new look of foot high buildings group. But look western-style buildings, often by the billboard occluded view. As a landmark sites, the bund is still visit Shanghai indispensable attractions, but it is more of a only for tourists glanced through the “landscape postcard. www.asicsusashoes.com

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