Brief history of the pearl strand necklaces

You may have been very familar with pearl necklaces, so when the pearl strand necklaces are mentioned, you don’t feel very strange. Although the fundamental information connected with the pearl necklaces is widely known, the history of pearl strand necklaces are unknown by most people. The several passages will introduce the brief history of the pearl strand necklaces which are very beautiful and popular with the public.
In 1901, an archeologist from Persian city found a necklace which was made of 3 pearl strands and there were 72 pearls on every string. This has been regarded as the earliest pearl strands so far.
The culture embodied in the pearl strand necklaces are different depending on different countries. For example, in Rome, the pearl strand necklaces represented the social position and wealth, even at a certain time, only the Elite members were permitted to wear such valuable gems. In Greece, such precious gemstones were regarded as the symbol of love and marriage. In addition, you must have known the time of Renaissance, and during this time, the popularity of such valuable pearls arrived at their peaks. This made the England’s Elizabeth I show interest in them. She was ever studded with pearls. Moreover, the message from a literature is that the most appraised gems of such category was kept on the collar.
As time went on, the design and fabrication of gems began to promote. The pearl strand necklaces became increasingly popular with the mass and it also means that the pear strand necklaces is not only widely accepted during the past time but also in recent days. In fact, the design of such type related to pearls is really successful, as the nobleness and elegance can be shown in the pearl strand necklaces.
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