Arinell Ventures AB Targets Rental Sector of the Market

A Sweden based real estate investment company – Arinell Ventures AB is going to enter the real estate market of Great Britain aiming at attractive residential opportunities for lease.

Current weather on the real estate market of Great Britain is currently one of the best in Europe. Especially for those focusing on let-on-lease options. In the last quarter of 2013 London has proven itself to be the best area with the most attractive solutions in rental real estate sector. Apart from that the units released on lease has always been in the demand even during the times of world recession.

Recent research conducted by Santander Mortgages shows that in average the potential buyers rent the property for 6-7 years before their first real estate purchase spending around £40,000. With the average rental prices reaching the point of £470 the residential real estate lease opens from a new perspective.

For the first time the United Kingdom can see the price level of the pre-crisis period of 2008. Certain South East locations reached even higher mark. For this reason it would be wise to think of property acquisition now while not all regions has recovered from downturn and the prices are not back to norm yet. Current Great Britain market attracts and increasing volume of foreign investments. This is also explained by the fact that the customers and capital holders has seen the real estate as a worth asset again.

Right now Arinell Ventures AB also creates a financial platform to enter this perspective market. Having the residential real estate as its main target the company may still overview options in commercial sector of the market. Arinell Ventures AB has been sticking to such strategy in 2011 and 2012 on its domestic market.

Sven Fredrik Arinell

Drottninggatan 78, 5 tr
111 36 Stockholm


Company Contact Information
Howard Powell
Drottninggatan 78, 5 tr
111 36

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