60 Days to 1K: Highly Anticipated Four-Phase Training System Slated to Launch May 12th

The training system, 60 Days to 1K, is the only one of its kind to leverage Facebook, email funnels, publishing, and affiliate marketing to create passive, lasting income as authoritative expert.

60 Days to 1k is slated to become the breakthrough system for generating long-lasting, hands-off income streams – in just 60 days. Come May 12th, 2014, the training program will officially launch to show internet marketers how to positron themselves as experts through Publishing, Authority Sites, Email Funnels and Facebook to make money.

The brainchild of successful online marketers Aidan Booth, Tim Godfrey and Steve Clayton, 60 Days to 1k revolves around four phases, featuring the platforms that can be effectively leveraged: the Publishing Phase, The Authority Site Phase, The Funnel Phase and The Facebook Phase.

In a comprehensive 60 Days to 1K review, 60DaysTo1KBonus.com details how each of the phases is interconnected with the others, and is integral to the entire process, which is expected to boost marketing efforts and show results in 60 days or less.

Phase 1 entails establishing a "foothold" in a niche. Called the Publishing Phase, it shows content publication on Kindle, and then expanding into Audible and Physical Books, as well as in other untapped marketplaces.

With the book already published, Phase 2 starts. This is where a high quality Authority Site is added to showcase products, gather customer feedback and deliver bonuses. It is all about making the Authority Site a key traffic generation tool. This way, more people are drawn into the sales funnel – which ultimately results in increased sales.

During Phase 3, the Publications from Phase 1 and the Authority Site from Phase 2 will build a lucrative buyers database on auto-pilot. Also called the Funnel Phase, this stage is aimed at adding 10 new subscribers into the Funnel every single day. Notably, Phase 3 is where sales can potentially skyrocket by up to 40% and long-term stability is ensured.

The final part of the program, called the Facebook Phase, is all about boosting product exposure, driving more traffic and increasing conversion rate. Phase 4 requires Internet marketers to foster better relationships not only with the existing customer base, but also of potential product buyers.

On each phase of the 60 Days to 1k program, participants will find comprehensive training videos, user manuals, tools, software and, most importantly, key strategies that should be applied by marketers to successfully take advantage of these platforms.

The 60 Days to 1k training is offered to members who will have lifetime access to it through pre-made manuals, pre-made videos and live demonstration workshops

To find out more about 60 Days to 1k and its upcoming official launch on May 12th, please visit http://60daysto1kbonus.com for information.

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